OK...what the hell have libs been doing all these years?

Have democrats not been representing minorities all these years? Simple yes or no.

For over half a century democrats had full control over our major cities local goverment that effects there communities, the had presidency, full control of congress and senate as well.

And now you rolled out an environmental justice bill that aims to address inequities faced by marginalized communities.

Again…what the ■■■■ have you guys been doing?

Or is this some sort of admission the libs have screwed the people they claim to represent? And now you’re trying to screw them again by placing “new” fees on fossil fuels, the very fees that will impact them?

Inquiring minds want to know.

So I ask again…what the hell hell have you been doing all this decades?

For half a century? Doubtful they had that much control. Are you still wondering why they dont vote republican?

What have Democrats (Liberals) been doing since CRA?

Not saying I am living on a plantation
Not saying racism doesn’t exist
Not saying I should “go back to my country”
Not saying saying I can’t do my job because of my race/ethnicity
Not saying Racially motivated Police brutality doesn’t exist

Passing laws that address discrimination
Passing laws that address pay disparity

My fingers are tired… so you want me to continue?

A better question should be what have conservatives done to gain the trust and respect of minorities?



I see, same old same old…

Democrats only advance legislation like this when they are in the minority party so they can add all the most ridiculous things they want (because they’re not actually trying to pass anything) and then claim racism when their BS bill doesn’t go anywhere.

Meanwhile, without any help of theirs, black unemployment is the lowest in history.

Trump’s fault?



Well yeah same old. This thread is like 10 years old. So you are getting 10 year old responses

Precisely…Trump did more in 3 years then democrats did in over 5 decades.

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Without any help of theirs! 2016 = year 0. Fo shizzle


Those decades didn’t exist. Because the graph that shows a reduction in black unemployment only started in 2016. Prior to that it was murk and fog

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Correct. Please don’t make a habit of parroting me.


But but but but but but


Then don’t say things that are so much to fun to repeat.

I only ask because it’s demeaning to you. It’s pitiful to me. :wink:


Half a century is simply not enough time to fix those problems.

I live a self-effacing life on these boards, what can I tell ya. Pity me oh Sixfoot.

Nah, I’m busy clipping my toenails. Have a very special day. :hugs:

Oh that reminds me…


Make sure to keep them, they will be worth great amounts of palladium in the future. You as well!

Well. In Virginia, they’ve ratified the Equal Rights Amendment and just passed protections for LGBTQ.

And violated the 2nd Amendment. Don’t forget that.

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Yes sir.