Ok, there is a special place in hell for Trump for doing this

It is bad enough Trump cooks steak well done. That is a cardinal sin in and of itself.


There is a special place in hell for people like that.


And may the souls of the cattle who’s meat he desecrated come back and torment him through eternity. :smile:

Just for the record, I am a steak purist, I like it blue rare if I can get it that way rare otherwise. :smile:

The worst part is you know he’s always going to order the most expensive steak.

another wacko billionaire who also does this is Vince McMcahon he eats it everyday for lunch.

That’s it! I won’t be voting for Trump! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Surely this will stop Donald Trump!

I voted for policy, not Trump’s lack of virtue, childish behavior, stunted intellect, diseased ego, OR his disgusting culinary habits. :rofl:

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Well, the cook will appreciated it anyway. It gives him a chance to use that piece of steak that is not really the highest quality, but isn’t really considered bad enough to be a throwaway either.

From one who use to be a cook, that’s essentially what you’re ordering when you order a steak well done. It generally needs something - anything - to drown out the awful taste - lol

They have pills for that you know.

Any steak cooked past rare is a burnt piece of crap anyway.

It could be worse…
He could put Poupon mustard on his hamberders

I have an in-law who puts ketchup on steak. Eggs too.

Never understood either one.

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Well, I do like ketchup on eggs.

A good pan sauce or herb butter is appreciated on a steak too.


Medium well with a drizzle of Worcestershire and generous pepper to accent.

No A1 ever. That is worse than ketchup.


Shoe leather. Yuk.

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But any steak less cooked than medium has a chance of causing salmonella. :wink:

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I put ketchup and pepper and salt on my scrambled eggs.

Whether scrambled or fried, I only use salt on my eggs.

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Depends on the quality of the meat. If I get steaks from a lower quality carcass, low select or standard grade, I have homemade marinades and sauces for them. If it is prime, choice or high select, I just use a very light, subtle rub of spices.

at least he doesn’t think ketchup is a vegetable…

Ketchup, mayo, ranch and pickle relish are to the palate as glass shards and bleach are to corneas.