OK governor has COVID-19

He , like Herman Cain, attended the Tulsa rally sans mask

By mid-May, Stitt had started the process of pulling back on his business shutdowns, and on June 1 announced the state was fully reopened. Positive COVID-19 test results in the state began to rise in the ensuing weeks leading up to President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa on June 19, which an unmasked Stitt attended.

Wishes for a speedy recovery

Get well soon there Gov.

Folks, how hard is it to wear a ■■■■■■■ mask?!!

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No worries. I’m sure he’s also in for a nice comfortable hospital stay. A mere inconvenience.

Hopefully he didn’t infect his family.

Here’s to hoping he doesn’t become a Darwin Award recipient

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I would hate to see that.

worth repeating to all those people who say Trumps’ attitudes don’t have an impact.


What could Trump do? We aren’t a bunch of lemmings! GOP Governor : “we’re following the President’s lead on that”. What a bunch of ■■■■■■■ idiots. I don’t feel bad for him.


Yes and I’m sure they have plenty of room for him. Idiot. Irresponsible, trolling “leader”.

Welp, not very bright.
But hey! I dunno.

I don’t get the “following the lead” thing.

It’s an indoor rally, many older people present. If you don’t mandate it, least you can do it is wear one yourself.

Actually, a lot of people are lemmings evidently.

For some reason a lot of republicans care more about appeasing a NY liberal than they do about doing the right thing.

What? And look like a scared little girl or something? What rock ribbed alpha is going to risk getting his pancake makeup all over the inside of one of your stupid lib masks.


Herman Cain, 13 days in and still trying to get better.

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Oh boy Hope he isn’t having that second turn for the worse that a lot of older people seem to have.

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I like the tweet below that one


You’re not you when you’re hungry !


I don’t he’s getting worse, he just isn’t rebounding as quickly like younger folks.

My, how inconvenient. And uncomfortable. Usually hospital stays in the COVID ward are nothing; a blow-off. Not at all a price to pay for not wearing a mask. Gosh if there was only some way this could have been avoided.

Please Darwin, work your magic faster.

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