Ok dems. Time to stop whining and get moving

You have been complaining about the border situation for weeks now. OK, we get it. You don’t like what’s going on there. We have heard you loud and clear. It’s time to get out of point scoring mode and get into action mode. Let’s see your plan. What exactly is YOUR proposal? And enough of your idiotic Nazi crap. Not everyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi. Stop making fools of yourselves. And quit quoting a bible that you don’t believe in. While you are at it, quit judging members of a religion that you care nothing about. Nobody wants to hear a non Christian complain that somebody is not a good enough Christian. Just stop already. And get off your high horse. You don’t care about children anymore than anybody else. I will believe that you care when you stop using them as political tools. You can start today. And you can present your plan to deal with border crashers today as well. Stop whining. Lets see it.


wait wait wait… the republicans control both houses and the presidency and you want Dems to step up…


D(s) and R(s) both guilty of this. They can’t get away from the TV cameras long enough to do any work!

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Can’t see the downside in just letting this play out, politically speaking.

Go back to what we were doing before May?

Seems pretty straight forward.

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100% of the D support a bill to end separation
it has zero R support


both parties have bills to end this the issue is both parties filled those bill with other things trying to get them passed.

No, let’s talk more about the architect of this policy, Stephen Miller, the twelve year old or whatever who was mentored by the most famous neo-Nazi in America, for a while first.


Action mode started almost two weeks ago [1].

  1. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/3036

I want to see their plan. That’s all I’m asking. How are we supposed to change if nobody is offering any plan to change? Any idea?

LOL, the Trump administration CREATES this problem, which they themselves can solve AT ANY TIME, and Trumpbots like yourself start deflecting.

Let’s see… How about a phone call from the President to the AG to rescind the policy that is causing parents to be separated from their parents… Simple, solves the problem today and then we can have a vigorous debate on the NUMEROUS bills already before congress… See, doesn’t even need those mean ole democrats…

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It’s Trump’s America, for now.

Seriously, you gotta check out the video of Stephen Miller running for student council in high school or college. It’s ■■■■■■■ hilarious. He is human garbage.

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Because the blamer-in-chief prefers to limpidly squeal about Democrats.

End separation? What does that mean? What do you do with the kids? Where do you put them?

Yes but then they wouldn’t get to hold children hostage to pay for the ****ing wall.

this crap stain has ZERO to do with dems … this is what the republican votes wanted… let them figure this out

When the GOP ended up controlling both Houses of Congress and all three branches…I just knew that this would happen. They’s STILL play the helpless victim. They’d STILL blame everything on the Democrats. Thank you for proving me right.


The simple answer is whatever the status quo was prior to April 6, 2018.