Oh, Oh....Project Veritas Exposes Fake News ABC

Project Veritas exposes what most already knew…the MSM is fake news.

David Wright of ABC news was recorded spouting off the truth about the bias handling of President Trump and his accomplishments. ABC has suspended him for exposing them and their bias.

Here’s the truth…can you handle the truth?


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James…that’s a shame you bought into this but not surprising

That washington post opinion is excellent actually. Dollars to donuts you don’t read it but thanks for posting.

During the interview he specifically isolates his political persuasion and his articles

He wrote articles after the primaries about the dems being in disarrray.


yeah…keep eating from the trough my friend. The MSM luvs u. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You’re welcome. I’m not biased and want both sides of this coin…exposed. I love this response from ABC who is in CYA mode.

David Wright has been suspended, and to avoid any possible appearance of bias, he will be reassigned away from political coverage when he returns,” reads a statement from the network.

When the truth becomes obvious…and then you choose to say it…IMO…too little…too late. You’ve been exposed.

It was stupid for them to suspend him. I think they suspended him because he is buzzed on video rather than because they can show there is bias in his reporting.

…only because doing so proves the authenticity of the allegation of bias.

Who is a good source of unbiased reporting? I find most entities to exhibit bias to some degree. Genuinely curious, not defending this reporter.

Has O’Keefe been subject to a secret recording yet? Seems like he has it coming.

So your calling me a pig. Okie dokie…seems all you have is insults these days…

I didnt watch because I know james is a liar. It’s like basing your arguments on info john solomon gave you.

You just look like an idiot

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I don’t know how you derived that but since you did…I’m calling you a silwy wabbit. :sunglasses:

Morning, @Smyrna. lol


That’s a stretch from a commonly used idiom.

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Lol project veritas…

ABC isn’t laughing. They just got caught.

But just got caught doing what. What is it about the video or the post article you thought was clever without reading?

I think it’s time to rewrite the first amendment. The press is too much of an enemy of the people to be allowed to operate with their lies.