Official republican convention thread

I had not seen one yet so seems like as a good of a time to create one.

So far they have agreed not to have platform for 2020 and are in the middle of the roll call.

Donald was a reality TV star -So I am expecting a high energy, made for TV entertaining convention!


I take it back, it seems the roll call was put on hold with a surprise showing of the VP pence and President Trump.

As expected Trump has things to say

I am going to rely on you guys for the news of this, since I won’t be watching.

Should be a good one!!!(???)!!!


Lol that guy can’t bear not being in the spotlight.

Trainwreck already?

I won’t be able to watch for essential reasons so I am in the same boat and hoping for good and quality updates from our board.

The timing for this is surely not coincidental

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Did the DNC have stuff going on during the day? Or was that only in Prime time?

You really should consider trademarking that !?!?!?!

I’ll watch. He has been a terrible president but he was a great TV star. I have no doubt it will be entertaining and great TV.


What would a trump speech be without rambling nonsense and accusations?


DNC had meeting during the day and committee’s Meet virtually to write their Platform

They did.

Caucus meetings, various organizational meetings and such.

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This is going to be more entertaining than expected

Gotcha. It will be REALLY interesting to see how this compares to the DNC. More from a technical and execution standpoint. Because it seemed like the DNC went off without a hitch and they were innovative and engaging. I wonder if the RNC will be up to the task. I think they have big shoes to fill.

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Did you know he was a reality tv star? I’m expecting it to be entertaining.


I will probably end up seeing more of the RNC than the DNC. Voting for Biden, but given Trump’s reality TV background I am expecting the RNC to be more entertaining.


So far the roll call has to go in the Dems favor. Getting actual people in their actual locations round America as opposed to in front of a gop2020 wallpaper

Here is an example.

From Twitter.

Not true. There is a platform.

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