Officer Darren Wilson will be set for life

Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have given former Ferguson MO, police officer, Darren Wilson, a lifetime multi million dollar income.
Warren and Harris Tweeted accusations of murder against Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

Both a MO Grand Jury and the Obama Justice Dept. have said there is no evidence that Wilson’s shooting of Brown was unlawful.

Warren and Harris have set up multi-million dollar libel suits for Wilson that they will lose- guaranteed.
Wilson will sue and Warren and Harris will lose. I’ll bet on it.
It couldn’t happen to a more deserving pair of swine.


You have a funny idea of how libel laws work.


LMAO… Like the Covington kid?

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Can you refer us to some cases similar that were ruled in favor of the defendant?

Fake news really pushed those lies… Most Dems fell for it as usual. So, Gullible…

To be fair, we’re all gullible.

The researchers found that people on both sides of the traditional left-right divide are equally likely to believe political news that is consistent with their ideology, and to disbelieve news that is inconsistent with their side.

Some guys have all the luck. lol

Just by being here on hannity is good for all.

Hearing the opposite opinions.

From the article.

For instance, liberals and conservatives are similarly motivated to avoid exposure to one another’s opinions, and are similarly motivated to deny scientific findings that are inconsistent with their ideology.


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One thread?
Repeated predictions of a Hillary landslide is more like it.- Trump had “no ground game”. Remember? You even fled the forum for a week or two after the election.

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That’s a very interesting article. Thank you for posting it. I believe it would make a good thread.

I’m going to have to study on this, as I don’t really understand what they are saying:

The researchers found some asymmetries, however. Conservatives who scored high in faith intuition (i.e., those who tend to think with their gut instincts) had higher perceptions of the legitimacy among fake news, although this variable had little effect on the judgments of liberals. The researchers suggest that conservatives may be most susceptible on average to fall prey to fake news stories, considering that they are the group most likely to be exposed to such material online, and they are also the group with the highest average levels of faith in intuition.

My girlfriend…

It would be libel if Warren had tweeted that Darren Wilson had been convicted of murder - that would be a false statement that is damaging to his reputation.

But opining that the shooting was “murder” is not a false statement, it is an opinion.

It was not expressed as an opinion.

But it was an opinion, nevertheless.

If I say “Pizza is delicious”, that’s an opinion. I don’t have to identify it as such for it to become one.

Don’t get personal.

As your lawyer Bill, I have to advise you he is correct in this one instance.

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My girlfriend said it’s not libel. I trust her oppinnion 100 %

If they state- ’ Epstein was murdered by the Clintons’ and if that is untrue, of course it is libel. The qualifier there is that there is a higher bar attached to defaming public figures like the Clintons. The defamation must be done with malice. They must know the accusation is false or show reckless disregard for the truth.