Offical Biden State of Union speech

This is going to give Americans lots of confidence tonight…right libs? :sunglasses:


Yes, here are some accomplishments that Biden can point to tonight:

  1. His vaccines-the-only-answer policy has resulted in over 500,000 US deaths since he took office.
  1. He pushed Canada to take federal action against peaceful protestors. The result has been the confiscation of accounts and property without court order and arrests of people exercising their free speech rights. He working to follow a similar path in the US.

  2. He has provoked a war in Ukraine by offering NATO membership to Ukraine while knowing the likely Russian response.

  3. He has added over $2 trillion to the national debt

  4. He has achieved the highest US inflation rate since Jimmy Carter.


I’ll bet he reads pretty clear tonight with minimal brain freeze/flubs.

But still, remarkably incoherent and ridiculous.

Let’s go brandon!!


Well I heard that Tillab and some other dem are going to rebutt as well. Interesting.

p.s. I heard Tillab is probably going to lash into the handful of dem moderates that have dared to oppose Brandon on spending bills.

Probably Manchim and Sienama. The Squad certainly have oversized ego’s to try and tell Senators what to do.


If he doesn’t show real leadership…Americans are going to be extremely worried.

As of date…Biden never shown any leadership.


Actually I am worried he will show “leadership”.

Vaccine mandates and offering NATO membership to Ukraine are arguably two examples of “leadership”.

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Biden can not pull this off. He’s too far gone and yet there’s so much riding on this. How did we get here? Oh yeah, now I remember; the Russian collusion, illusion, delusionalists evolved into Brandonites due to mean tweets.


hopefully Biden can follow in Carter’s footsteps and build houses…

I’m gonna try to watch, but he only gets to have two cerebral infarctions before I’m too cringed to listen anymore. lol


Same here…


I will not watch. I have an extremely low tolerance level for Brandon and even less for Kamala.


I wonder if Nancy will be sitting there tearing up his speech while Brandon is delivering it? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Maybe a Dave moment?

It’s incredibly difficult to discover leadership in someone with 5 deferments and a 50-year track record of enriching his family on the backs of taxpayers.

He inspires no one.


Holy ■■■■ the irony in that coming from a supporter of Mr. Bone spurs…lol.


There’s really no need for a SOTU anyway… :roll_eyes:

Welp with the Ukraine thing going on this is a layup of a speech. Not even really worth watching.

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Most SOTU speaches are forgotten within days. The only thing I remember in recent years is Rubio’s water bottle response.

Everything except the Russia/Ukraine stuff will be ignored and the GOP has done enough polling to know taking Putin’s side like they were doing for years until five days ago or so is political suicide.


Maybe Trump will send a love letter to Putin in response.

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