Of rights and reparations

They feel… Exactly. So why should policies be based on feelings?

The only “Right” God gave humanity was free will.

Says who?

Rights are basically a societal contract to prevent utter chaos.

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Why should they be based on what a God supposedly said?

From my perspective, that’s a “feeling”, too.

Says man we evolved our thought and morality to view it as wrong.

If not God, then who?

From self-reflection.

If rights do not exist, how can you accuse me of stripping them away from someone?

let me ask you a simply question.

How do you know what God find moral have you ever spoken with him?

Would you say the society in ancient Rome was in utter chaos? They were pretty orderly actually.


This is the fundemental issue that you’re not understanding. You believe that God created humanity, and gave us rights. I believe that humanity created all the Gods, and “rights” is a nearly meaningless term.

Until we can understand where each of us is coming from, all we can do is talk past each other.

Ancient Rome had laws.

Who says rights don’t exist?

We do have his word. that’s why I place more faith in it then the spoken words if men.

God didn’t write the bible.

Many if you liberals, in many threads have asserted we have no rights and if we do, they do not come from God.

Why is the bible God word but the quran not they both claim to be written by same God.

God didn’t write the Constitution, he didn’t give you the right to bare arms you gave that to yourself.

I can’t speak for these “many liberals” that you’ve seen, but I can say this:

Rights exist. They are political constructs built by men (and women - but historically, mostly men).

They do not come from any God.