Of rights and reparations

So, I hear repeatedly from liberals that rights do not come from God. In fact, most Liberals don’t even believe in God. Rights then, must come from man, and what man can grant, man can take away or not bestow at all. Society is ruled by might makes right, with each generation deciding what they will grant, take away or deny.

Since this is true, on what basis can African Americans ever be granted restitution for past enslavement or for not having rights that never existed in the first place?

Its the decent thing to do.

For what?

For centuries of their fellow man treating them like property.

One doesn’t need to believe in rights coming from a deity in order to believe in treating one another decently.

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Really? Do you have proof or are you just making it up because it suits your world view?

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There is a difference between political rights, and what is right.

Both come from humanity, not God. But they’re not the same thing.

75% of US people polled identify as Christian, do even know have a small grasp on reality where you actually don’t make up silly things like saying most liberals don’t believe in god, I wish that was True because too many idiots us God as excuse to impose their idioic wills and kill people.

Who here has ever owned an African American Slave before?

All of you owe reparations, and the rest of us don’t!

Wait……………………….nobody said that they owned an African American slave. lol.

To be clear - I dont support reparations, at least not in any way I’ve seen suggested.

But for the people who believe in it - it’s because they feel it is right - not because it is a right.

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The only right God gave you is free will, everything else you gave yourself,.

give them a tax credit boom everyone wins.

I’m not a liberal and I also believe this. This whether God exists or not. I’m not even sure saying I believe it or not is even accurate. Facts are rarely up for interpretation.

Where do you get the idea that treating people like property is wrong? Says who? It was done for thousands of years by societies around the world. They all can’t be wrong…

sure as hell wasn’t the bible, quran, or any other religious text.

Where do rights, assuming we have them, come from then?

Do you honestly believe that morality can only come from a God?

Yes they can all be wrong.

rights come from man, God didn’t write the constitution.

“Rights”, in the political sense, are the government saying “We’ll let you do this.”

Of course they were wrong. If you need it explained to you while stripping someone of the freedom you possess isn’t right, I’m not even sure what the point of further discussion is.