Ocasio-Cortez knocks Barstool Sports founder over threat to fire unionizing

How is it hypocrisy?

Collective bargaining is protected under labor laws.

He literally talked about breaking the law in hos tweets what are you not seeing

what hypocrisy?

Oh…now libs care about laws?

Yeah… If this is the sort of nonsense that is trying to pass as a conversation, then I am bowing out.

You have a nice day.


Why is anybody surprised at AOC is buddies with Joe Hill?

Firing people for union organizing has been illegal since the Truman administration.

Why do libs hate job creators? Those ingrates should be happy they have a paycheck, put their heads down and shut up.

Truth hurts doesn’t it?

Libs pretending they care about laws.

She didn’t. She was not in a position to do so.

Just like she ought to fix the land of her relatives and ancestors and shows us how it’s done, she should start a business and unionize it. It’s easy to throw stone when you have no life experience…

She ought to fix the Bronx?

That is what she was elected to do.

I’ll take the bait… What country should she go back to?

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You think her ancestors are from the Bronx?..

Trump’s life in a nutshell

Just as much as the President’s ancestors are from Queens.

Where were her ancestors from?

My family has had a union company for over 50 years. I dont understand the problem? Yeah sure there’s pros and cons but you make it sound like it’s a death blow. Maybe hell have to pay benefits. Oh the outrage.

They care about CERTAIN laws. If they don’t like a law they ignore it and help those breaking it to continue to skirt the law.


A Mexican island.

Unions don’t create jobs.