Ocasio-Cortez knocks Barstool Sports founder over threat to fire unionizing

Gosh I hate this vile woman. How dare she talk bad about a job employer. Who does she think she is trying to look out for the little guy… She needs to go back to NYC with malarkey

What’s the problem? If the workers gather enough votes and decide to unionize it’s their right

It’s hilarious how the dude broke the law out in the open like that.

Nothing will come of it though.

To get fired! Apparently.

Yes… there are no moderate dems anymore. What does she know about running a business?

Sitting back to watch people defend this utter ■■■■■■■■■.

Illegals break the law and get rewarded. Why should they have more rights than citizens?

^^^^^ This is what every political argument looks like to a hammer… everything is an immigration nail ^^^^^^


Moderate Democrats were pro union too.

■■■■■■■ plebes should be thankful of the job creator

Everything is racism to the dems. What’s the difference?

If only we all had hammers.

Dude we get your MO you come into a thread and purposely try and derail it. Everyone is on to your tomfoolery.


I just take a holistic view of politics…

No you don’t you want to derail this thread on some kind of sick entertainment. You didnt address the topic you came out of left feel with some type of poppycock.

If she cares about the little guy why did she run Amazon and thousands of jobs away from NY? :thinking:

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How much on taxes would Amazon require to pay if they built that plant there?

Not smart to threaten on tweeter.

Wait a minute…I thought it’s OK to fire people for their political positions/view.

What happen?

Unionizing isn’t a “political position”

It is coming together for collective bargaining.