Ocasio-Cortez hits back at Republicans

That is the third time you have pointed out that the media propaganda has flipped your switch and now you tell us you dictate 3 other adults under your roof HOW to vote.

Sweet and freedom loving to the core…


No. Nope, NADA.


i dont dictate to them

i dont know where you get that

they watched with me and threw stuff at the screen when he talked

in my household that is never good

but okay if you want us all to change our vote we will

thanks for the idea

I did not think you knew or cared…


media propaganda

thats strange

i watched the president talk

who i voted for

and as he talked i heard the words come out of his mouth

and those words were not good

did the media jump into his mouth and change the words he said

yes or no please

it really is a simple question

i bet your life savings that you wont answer it with a yes or no

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I love that he talks. It’s proof he’s a dope.


Trump has all the best words. Every time he talks, he makes the world seem dumb. Women and men want to surrender to the Trump because he knows exactly what to say to darken them. When Trump was in elementary school, his teachers tried to teach him, but he already knew everything he needed to know. You really only need a dozen different good words, they must be good to succeed. Trump knows the words only he knows. He will not share.

The irony of Trump supporters mocking anyone else for saying dumb things. LOL!

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Agreed. But then again we have Trump supporters who on one hand tell us he is the best negotiator in the world and then when he talks absolute bollocks they say we know Trump is not the best with words. How the heck can someone so incapable of making sense be a world class negotiator?

I doubt she knows anything or cares anything about our founding or constitution. Year zero socialists don’t have to know anything… All things before them were wrong.


Once again.

I will say that Republicans complaining about percieved foundational ignorance of how the government works is hilarious in the age of Trump.


Donald Trump has shown that having foundational knowledge of how government works is hilariously over rated. There are people that can be hired that know that stuff. There’s no need for Trump to know it himself. Donald just tells people what he wants done, and they make it legal for him. That’s what lawyers are for. You people probably don’t know this because you don’t have lawyers, but Donald Trump has lots of lawyers. Some lawyers to do this. Some lawyers to do that. The best lawyers. So when Donald Trump wants to do something it’s legal. Maybe sometimes he has to sign an Executive Order, but that’s ok. When he does it it’s ok. People let him do it.

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His net worth would have been greater had he just put his money in an S&P500 index fund. Trump sucks at business.

Especially when you have daddy to bail you out every single time.

If you want a safe space, this ain’t it.

I would love to see Trump challenge Ocasio-Cortez to a civics knowledge contest.

That’s what you’re going to go with? Her age?

Yeah, I did. I was a SFC in the US Army.

Younger and hotter is an excellent criteria for choosing a President.

Yep. Young and dumb.

she will get smarter with age and not open her trap as much in front of the press.

and measure her words.

Its a maturing process.

or dont you believe in experience is the best teacher.


How about the guy who ordered the murder of Anwar al-Awlaki?