Ocasio-Cortez hits back at Republicans

Always beat on the guy who got bin laden. That’s a winner.


…did you think that made sense when you posted it?

as a trump voter i felt embarrassed by that interview

you liked it


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Nah, it’s about right.

I think you underestimate how many idiots there are in congress.

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Trump is a workaholic machine with an incredibly positive attitude.

Trump is success in any metric. Sure his dad helped seed his initial ventures, still impressive where he took them.

Laugh it up, winning never gets old.


Self made? :laughing:.

A real rags to riches story.

Not really, plenty will opine about the political situation in the UK without prompting from me :wink:.

I’m not sure you’re too clued up on Brexit or the rape gangs tbh.

okay i voted for trump

and i think hes a winner on almost every metric

sumo he wins

pole vault he probably wins

boxing he might win

but how does he do on the bankruptcy metric

that one always bugged me a little


Uh, didn’t his initial ventures fail? His dad had to bail him out more than once iirc.

He’s excellent at marketing and branding. Spectacularly so.

His business ventures on the other hand…

Excuse me for not being able to edit my posts. How long does a person need to be a member around here before they get access to such a fundamental feature?

It’s nice that people understand this, and aren’t totally obnoxious when other people make a typo.


It was an open and honest give and take. Might be some personnel moves, might not be. No question was off limits though some answers were open ended.

The only answer that did not sound genuine was that it was the secret service that prevented him from attending the WWII services.

Would you prefer president Trump did not talk? What did you have an issue with?

His admin ISN’T in chaos as the Trump haters would have you believe.

I’m sure that when Trump was 3 years old and making $200,000 a year it was because of how hard a worker he was.


my issue with the interview was that he did not sound as smart as usual

i want my president to sound smart

he didnt do that

i was disappointed

i sat there and watched my president say a bunch of dumb stuff while i ate my nachos

knowing what is available i will probably vote for him in 2020

but i wont be happy about it

he has to up his game big time

especially when it comes to talking

very disappointed

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He grew his fathers investment by orders of magnitude.

Most silver spoon brats piss the money away.

Branding is a core factor in the business of Trump.

He is imprinting it on his Presidency too.


oh i see

it seems that youre one of the trump voters who will never change his vote

even if he starts bombing canada

well i am not in the same boat with you

he has to prove himself to me

i want a winner

and after the midterms

he lost

each day more losing

im tired of all the losing

if he doesnt turn the losing around he will lose my vote real fast

i dont vote for losers

i dont root for the sacramento kings for the same reason

he better man up or my family is out the door

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I love the fact that he does not talk in lawyer speak and he sounds plenty smart on his feet to me.

Good luck with whomever you choose in 2020…


lately he doesnt sound smart

four votes in my household matter

and we are in a swing state

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Would bombing Canada with asylum seekers from Central America count?


at the trump rally i attended he sounded smart

in the interview what happened

he did not sound smart

it was not like him

i dont understand your question

could you make it simpler for me