Obviously it wasnt the Virus from China

The markets have been rattled, of course it is Trumps Fault. Biden wins SC and the markets rally. Fed cuts rates and markets roll over. Biden wins the Super Tuesday contests and the markets rally.

So the markets felt the Bern and crashed. Biden sprinkles water and the embers fizzle.

who said it was the Corona Virus versus a simple economic fever caused by the bern?

The Fed cut rates 50 basis points due to concerns of a slow down caused by the virus. The market definitely reacted negatively to that. Last week, the market definitely reacted negatively to the possibility of supply chain disruption caused by coronavirus.

I understand the need for an alternate reality.

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and all those concerns still exist, now address that.

The market isn’t actually acting on any sound fundamentals and is completely emotional and ridiculously volatile?


I still say it’s based on the lakers. Anthony Davis had a huge game last night in their win against the sixers, market goes up. I’m not wrong.

First mistake: you are attempting to rationalize an irrational market.

Short term, that is true.
Long term, not so true.
Get with e in five years and see if world markets have been destroyed.

Is someone making the argument that world markets are going to be “destroyed” in five years? Honest question.

I do recall at one point we were suppose to be paying over $7 a gallon for gas…


I sure hope this virus doesn’t block tourism and trade for 5 years. Who suggested it will?

It’s possible in some weak countries this will be a trigger to a collapse, but I haven’t heard any suggestions about that.

Or just you know “duh”?

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