Obama. The Worst President in American History?


The problem I would think with politics today is trust.

politics now adays is pretty messed up, and I can only imagine the sorts
of temptations within politics now adays.

They’re the things that most people either don’t want to talk about,
or hear usually. The things that rarely get exposed. Even though they should
be exposed.


This is nothing but word salad topped with gibberish.

There’s a good reason for a lack of trust of this administration, Trump’s daily lies and the corruption within his campaign and administration are all that is needed.

Add the normal partisan distrust to that and it’s a disaster in the making.


Lots of things have been exposed about Trump’s cabinet. They are one of the most currupt cabinets in history.


By exactly what metric?


Ok. You stick with the corrupt same old politicians and politics that have been in there
I dunno how many years, and I’ll stick with Trump.

Good luck with that.


Blind support while ignoring cold hard facts is how countries turn into dictatorships.

If we’re going to hold anyone to a high standard it should be the people we support.


That’s not how dictatorships start.


Nor do I

10 affidavits. . .


Yes we are in a mess


A dictatorship like what Socialism is do you mean?

Socialists such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Cortez.


I don’t understand this post.


How so?


The question isn’t clear to me. I think the definition of socialism in your head differs from reality.


Yeah surprisingly I would say that Nixon is the most liberal president we’ve had in the last 50 years. And some of his policies were fantastic (endangered species act comes to mind). But overseeing a coverup of breaking, entering and wiretapping the DNC leading to resignation pretty much seals him at the bottom or close to it. Looks like Trump is gonna surpass him for the worst slot tho.


Well, what do you believe Socialism is? and what is your definition of Socialism?
And what is your definition of Socialism, compared to what you think
reality’s definition of socialism is?


For starters, I think that socialism is not remotely close to what your posts claim it is.


Yes, you’ve already said that once. Will you answer my questions that I’ve already


Probably not.


Liberal? He was a rampant authoritarian.


Your claim that I never give straight answers is incorrect.

I often give you straight answers. You appear not to like those straight answers.

That isn’t an issue of mine. Making untrue posts about the straight answers that I give you is probably not the best way to make perfectly factual posts.

What is your plan about how you will handle this incorrect post of yours?

Will you admit that it is incorrect and that you were wrong to type it?

Or will you do something different?