Obama. The Worst President in American History?


? The corruption within his own cabinet has been an embarrassment. The fact he tolerated it from Price for so long is even worse.

He’s had a higher turnover with people leaving of their own accord during his first two years that has been the worst in memory, hence the dysfunction.


The more likely outcome is that he will cave on it under pressure over the shutdown. The federal gov’t is responsible for about 40% of our GDP and a prolonged shutdown is going to have devastating economic consequences.


I don’t think so. It’ll take more than that and it’ll take complete term/terms of good results.
Trump is locked into the Wall because it was a major campaign promise. It’s probably one he regrets making.


Cleaning the swamp, and taking out the trash.

I hope that he doesn’t cave. What are the democrat politicians without their precious
government telling people what to do, and how to act? lol


I believe he’ll get the wall done. Mainly because if he doesn’t, or atleast if it’s not like 75 percent or more done come 2020, he aint getting reelected.


Again, I don’t agree. The American voter has a memory about 6 months long. Trump can announce that he’s found new technology that is better and cheaper than a wall and he’s decided that’s the way we should go. By the 2020 election, no one will remember the wall.


That would only be true if his opponents within both parties didn’t constantly remind us of it and if this becomes a prolonged shutdown the economic chaos that results will be a daily reminder right up through election day.

Also with it being one of the core issues he ran on and has governed on the disaffected independents and dem’s that were responsible for his victory won’t forget it period.

If it were any other issue though you’d probably be right.


His own administration and campaign have been filled with swamp rats.


Most(but not all) of Washington D.C. in general I think is filled with swamp rats.

I could never be a politician, because I’m too honest. I’d get eaten alive on the first day! lol.


I would think that Trump can’t be that bad. Why? because I don’t trust most people
in Washington D.C., and I think that both sides are corrupt. I’m merely supporting the
side that I find or think is less corrupt, and has a little bit more morals, than the other side.

The fact that Trump keeps getting rid of people, simply tells me that the people he’s getting
rid of probably are corrupt, and/or can’t be trusted. But the media, and the Democrats
are always going to try and spin it in a negative way. Personally, I think it’s a positive thing.


I think Trump is hard to work for and runs people off. BUT I don’t care. I’m looking for results. I don’t care how the sausage is made, I just care what it tastes like.


The people he is getting rid of are the one he hires. He is the one filling the swamp.


Most of those people only left when indicted (flynn) or of their own accord.


I just think that Trump is really ambitious, and the rest can’t keep up.

He’s a go getter, and doesn’t take any crap! He gets things done.
He’s on his 10 item to do, while the rest of the government is still trying
to get the first thing done, because most of them don’t care, and are fine
taking their sweet time, and getting paid to do so.

Now a days to many people wanna talk about their “feelings”, and Trump
isn’t politically correct! He’s what this country has needed for a long time!


And you don’t think that any of those workers are referred to him?

Well, he can put another monster or two in the swamp if he’s draining it anyways.


I don’t know that much about Flynn, but what I’ve studied about him, he seems
like a descent guy, and I think that the Democrats just trapped him, and
are exploiting him in any way that they can.

The Democrats seem to be really good at ruining good peoples lives, with
no remorse about it.


How could he be referring to them during his campaign when he hadn’t even hired them yet?


He flat out lied about working as an unregistered foreign agent.


I mean referred to him for the job, from another Republican, and some of the Republicans
that are saying yes I vouch for this person, you should hire them, really can’t be trusted.
Because maybe they’re knowing referring the President someone that is part of the problems
instead of the solution, and someone that can’t ultimately be trusted.


Many of them came right from his close personal and professional inner circle of friends and associates and he interviewed the rest personally after interviewing them.