Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Ya know, you made the assertion that “The Democrats want Socialism…” and then went on to say “…most millennials honestly don’t know what that means…”. In turn, that prompted me to ask how you would define socialism and then requested a few examples to support your assertion.

The post I replied to had no question whatsoever. I was looking for clarification on your statement.

Just saying.


Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Cortez are Socialists in the Democratic Party.
If you don’t believe me, look them up.


I dont need to. Im fully aware. They are Democratic Socialists.

Now, I asked you how you would define Socialism, not provide me a link to Wikipedia. As you can see in your own link, “There are many varieties of socialism…”. Now, you derided millennials for not knowing what socialism is, so now’s your chance to prove your a big boy. Come on buddy, you can do it…

How do you define socialism and what are some examples of socialistic legislation passed or proposed by Democrats? You seemed oh so sure above, so I’d imagine you have a quick response with your definition and at least one or two examples. Thanks in advance buddy…


What about almost doubling our national debt from 11 trillion to 19 trillion?

I’d say that’s the worst economic wise.


This might be a helpful read


It’s weird. I see it more and more. This is anecdotal but obsessed with history shift left


Bernie Sanders isn’t a member of the Democratic Party.


Are you serious? Are you on drugs?


A list of your personal opinions do not constitute facts, n matter how hard you wish they do.


That’s true. However, a list of facts constitutes facts, no matter how hard you wish it weren’t so.


I’m about as lib as it gets, but Nixon was actually a very effective President. If not for Watergate, I think he would be top three on most lists. But of course we can’t ignore corruption in that office, which in time will cement Trump’s standing at the bottom.


Who controls federal revenue and spending, again?


As I have always said…Jimmy Carter.

Greatest misery index increase of modern post WW2 presidents. With Nixon right behind.



Just because he runs as an independent doesn’t mean he is one.

You know, for not being a Democrat, he sure agrees with them on a regular basis
quite often, and is seen with them on a regular basis. When Bernie ran for President
in 2016 which party did he run under?

There is a woman in my town that’s on the board here, and she says that she’s
an independent. The only problem is, when I talked politics with her she
had no Conservative point of views what-so-ever! They were all Liberal!

I think that Bernie has people confused on what an independent really means.
An independent is someone that isn’t just Liberal, but has opinions and views
on both sides of the spectrum. Like Rand Paul, and Mit Romney aren’t really Conservatives,
they’re more like independents or moderate Republicans. Sanders is so far left that he
makes the Clintons look sane!!! lol.


I don’t think Obama will rate that high, but otherwise I think that’s a pretty good list.
I didn’t like Clinton at the time, but in retrospect I have to admit he was a pretty good president. I would also put him 3 or 4 from the top.


I bet you that Trump with be number one on that list.


You may be right. It’s too early to tell how Trump will wind up. If Nixon was judged only by his first two years he would be on top of the list.


Unfortunately what Trump is most likely to be remembered for is having the most dysfunctional administration in modern history along with the “Russian Collusion” meme.


If he gets the wall built, that alone would put him at number 1.


I’ll think he’ll definitely be credited for being a disruptor of politics.

How Obama’s campaign slogan was change. Technically he didn’t lie. He and the Democrats
moved this closer to Socialism with Obamacare.

Most people didn’t think that was the change he was talking about.
He promised new Politics, and all he did was fill his cabinet with the same corrupt people
like Hillary Clinton.

Trump is actually stirring politics up in Washington, because he is the real deal.