Obama. The Worst President in American History?


One of your points supporting Obama as worst president ever was that he ALMOST doubled the debt.

I pointed out that every modern two term president has more than doubled the debt. Bush doubled it. Clinton doubled it. Reagan almost tripled it.

So it hardly seems worthy of condemnation if every president does it. What do you think?


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I think it’s funny that those that state he was the worst actually benefitted from some to many of his policies. Especially those who love the ACA but hate Obamacare.


The worst president is going to be Buchanan, Polk, or FDR.


Yes. I guess I shouldn’t expect more. Conservatives love pointing out the doubling of debt under Obama “added more to the debt than all previous president combined”. When I point out to them all the other presidents, including Republicans that did worse, they never answer. It seems kind of cowardly of them if you ask me.


You’re confused as to who you’re responding to and about what. lol


Barack Obama is not the worst President in US history. James Buchanan is likely the worst President in US history. While I don’t think that Obama’s foreign policy was that great, the Unemployment rate and deficits decreased under Obama.


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Um, what about the guy that basically caused the Civil War? Or Grant or Harding, widely considered the two most openly corrupt administrations in American history? Or Andrew Johnson?


Turn off talk radio and return to reality. You’ll realize the easy answer is “No”.


That’s about right.


Looks like I’m right about where I was the last time I took this quiz.


They score me as the same as Bernie Sanders.


I’m around Nelson Mandela.

I’ve slowly moved more to the left over the past few years.

I’d say the only major issue where I am firmly still right wing as hell is on the right to bear arms. Even my socially conservative girlfriend is to the left of me when it comes to firearms.


That chart is garbage.


I wish this chart was never produced.


10 charts


I’ve posted this before but here is my guess as to what historians will think of the last nine presidents…

1- Reagan
2- Obama
3- GHW Bush
4- Clinton
5- Carter
7-Bush Jr.

You could move any one of them up or down a slot but pretty much that will be the likely view of non-partisan historians.


I’d love to hear your idea of the socialism that Democrats want, and maybe even marry it with some real-world examples of legislation passed or proposed.


Why is it that most of the time Democrats always ask the questions, and want proof
from a Republican, and yet they don’t normally answer that many questions, or if they
do they tend to keep in incredibly short? and they’re not willing to prove anything

Just saying.


You’re talking to the wrong person. I gave you a list.