Obama. The Worst President in American History?

YES he is!!

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Fascinating. Lol

If Increase in National debt is a primary factor, Trump will increase debt between 6-8 trillion in just the first term. https://www.thebalance.com/us-debt-by-president-by-dollar-and-percent-3306296

The economy went from in the toilet to full unemployment under him so your simply wrong.

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Yeah it was…

Nah. James K. Polk lied us into war with Mexico.

Amazing…you put Kennedy below the likes of Nixon, Carter, and Clinton…

It’s amazing that there is anyone who would’t put Kennedy at the bottom.

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You must be amazed a lot. Especially by the experts.

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Clinton sucked. So did his interns.


Very classy…

Very snotty. lol

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Care to address the point about the doubling debt?

The point of what?

Reagan tripled the debt. So using that criteria he must be the worst POTUS ever.

Obama is not even close to being the worst. Only those who are blinded by partisan politics will think he is.

One of your points supporting Obama as worst president ever was that he ALMOST doubled the debt.

I pointed out that every modern two term president has more than doubled the debt. Bush doubled it. Clinton doubled it. Reagan almost tripled it.

So it hardly seems worthy of condemnation if every president does it. What do you think?

Are we in the same thread? lol

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I think it’s funny that those that state he was the worst actually benefitted from some to many of his policies. Especially those who love the ACA but hate Obamacare.

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The worst president is going to be Buchanan, Polk, or FDR.