Obama. The Worst President in American History?


To answer the question, no…and it’s not even close. In fact I can almost guarantee history is going look back 40, 50 years from now as him being somewhere in the middle tier.
As much as I liked dubya as a person, unfortunately he’s going to be one of the worst along with the current guy in office, who may end up being the worst.


Well, with the way they gave Reagan a post-presidency shine into the upper third, it’s entirely possible that similar propagandizing might push Dubya out of the bottom ten.


JFK was the worst. Hands down.
Drug addict. Reckless sex addict. Bedded hundreds of whores in the WH, including a Mafia moll and a KGB spy. Left himself wide open to blackmail. Which probably happened more than once.
His weakness over the Berlin Wall and the Bay of Pigs, emboldened Khrushchev to put nukes in Cuba, bringing us dangerously close to nuclear war. The closest we’ve ever been.


So when are you going to post actual facts?


YES he is!!


Fascinating. Lol


If Increase in National debt is a primary factor, Trump will increase debt between 6-8 trillion in just the first term. https://www.thebalance.com/us-debt-by-president-by-dollar-and-percent-3306296


The economy went from in the toilet to full unemployment under him so your simply wrong.


Yeah it was…


Nah. James K. Polk lied us into war with Mexico.


Amazing…you put Kennedy below the likes of Nixon, Carter, and Clinton…


It’s amazing that there is anyone who would’t put Kennedy at the bottom.


You must be amazed a lot. Especially by the experts.


Clinton sucked. So did his interns.


Very classy…


Very snotty. lol


Care to address the point about the doubling debt?


The point of what?


Reagan tripled the debt. So using that criteria he must be the worst POTUS ever.


Obama is not even close to being the worst. Only those who are blinded by partisan politics will think he is.