Obama. The Worst President in American History?

When did NATO membership become so important to trump supporters? This was never the case a couple of years back, what changed? Do you have an idea?

I don’t think that Obama is worse than Trump.

Are you from California? and a Democrat? California is a pretty Socialist state.

Do you want Trump to resign? That’s what’s on your profile.

Just like Trump, I enjoy exposing the Truth. I don’t know what it is, but
wherever I go in life, I seem to expose the truth. That’s why I would never be
good for politicians in general. I’d be great for Americans politics wise, because
I’d be what they truly want in politics, and in a politician in general, and in America
in general. But most politicians on both sides are corrupt to some degree, and I
couldn’t be. Therefore if I ever did become a politician I would easily get kicked out of
politics by them.

I don’t want Trump to resign.

He is doing more for Democrats long term than Hillary as president ever could have.

I am happy that Trump is president.

Trump is the worst president and he is still in office… so he can go further down the rabbit hole.

Obama is far from the worst president.

So how is Trump worse than Obama, or any other president for that matter?

Because he is the worst president in U.S. history.

Policy wise…

He doesn’t have very much in that area. His 1 win was giving tax cuts to the rich and corporations. That is current elevating our deficit to level far above Obama.


He is the least knowledgeable president I’ve ever seen or read about. He doesn’t know the basics of government and doesn’t care to learn.

He dislikes military service

He spends more time watching tv and golfing than any other president 2 years into a presidency

Can can’t speak coherently, not can he write tweets without misspelling something

He has had the most corrupt admin in over 30 years

I can go on and on

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You know, It’s ok, to have the worst President throughout history.

The Democrats want Socialism, but unfortunately most millennials
honestly don’t know what that means, and don’t even know what
they’re voting for.

how so?
please explain in detail?

Sure, I’ll give you six things, although there are dozens:

The overwhelming amount of corruption in his administration.
Trump’s lack of knowledge of the Constitution or how governance works.
Trump’s emotional, kneejerk decisions, such as getting out of Syria, without consulting any advisor whose job it is to advise.
Trump’s hatred of nonwhite people of all kinds, as evidenced by his numerous racist comments.
Numerous accusations against Trump of sexual assault by numerous women.
Trump’s poor executive experience, as evidenced by his numerous bankruptcies.

Basically, Trump’s failures paint a picture of an incompetent narcissist who doesn’t care for his country and who treats his supporters like used toilet paper.


GWB wasn’t that long ago was it?

1.What corruption is that?
2. Do you mean how he keeps things short for a reason, and then when it’s
absolutely necessary he gets detailed? and how the Democrats constalty try and overthrow
the Constitution time after time after time again, and change laws of the government
that have been there for a long time, that are tradition. Do you mean those governance works?
3. What is your proof that he got out without any consulting, or did you just watch cnn?
Even then, isn’t Trump ending war, and taking troops out of battle, what Democrats normally think would be a good thing? Or did the Liberals just start liking wars, since Trump
took us out?
4. So let me get this straight? anything that’s not politically correct is racist, or sexist, or homophobic right?
5.Do you mean the sexual assult on women that most of the accusations came at the months
in 2016 in the presidential election, because of some strategic ploy of bs?
I think what you need to do is to listen to less of the mainstream media that tells you how
to think and what to believe. Because they’re Liberal Socialists, that are biased, and
that love to collude with the Democratic Party in general.

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Your arguments are so mixed up in conspiracy and factually incorrect assumptions that we’re never going to be able to have a coherent discussion.

You wanted a list. You got a list.

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Boy, I hope not! Otherwise… Socialism works?

Context, shmontext. :rofl:

Is this serious or a joke. Because it’s hilariously weird…and funny.

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To answer the question, no…and it’s not even close. In fact I can almost guarantee history is going look back 40, 50 years from now as him being somewhere in the middle tier.
As much as I liked dubya as a person, unfortunately he’s going to be one of the worst along with the current guy in office, who may end up being the worst.

Well, with the way they gave Reagan a post-presidency shine into the upper third, it’s entirely possible that similar propagandizing might push Dubya out of the bottom ten.

JFK was the worst. Hands down.
Drug addict. Reckless sex addict. Bedded hundreds of whores in the WH, including a Mafia moll and a KGB spy. Left himself wide open to blackmail. Which probably happened more than once.
His weakness over the Berlin Wall and the Bay of Pigs, emboldened Khrushchev to put nukes in Cuba, bringing us dangerously close to nuclear war. The closest we’ve ever been.


So when are you going to post actual facts?