Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Last night’s “discussion” was a perfect example as is pretty well every discussion we’ve ever had where you were asked a question.


Last night’s discussion weren’t our only discussions–and even then I supplied direct answers which clear upset you. Therefore, this claim by you

is factually incorrect.

Will you admit that it is incorrect and that you were wrong to type it?

Or will you do something different?


Hint: right now, you are doing something different. :wink:


You aren’t even making sense now, you’ve been reduced to quoting yourself and replying to same.


I’m making perfect sense. I’m typing in your native language. There are no errors in grammar or usage.

When your mistakes are the topic, your posts appear to struggle to find tangents.


You haven’t shown where I’m mistaken.


Yes, I have, completely, utterly, factually so.


You made an unsupported baseless claim, nothing more.


I made a supported claim, nothing less.


That is an interesting take on gauging how good or terrible a President was while in office.

Most, if not all, historians have given that “accolade” to James Buchanan. Franklin Pierce is close to the bottom as well.

If one measures Presidential promises broken, then almost every President would be towards the bottom.

As fellow forum posters have pointed out, almost every President has increased debt, some doubled or tripled the debt.


Yes, I have shown where you are mistaken.


Most socialist nations are not dictatorships…what do YOU think they are?


The whole discussion of best and worst President is pretty superficial. Presidents bring a lot to the table of history, no doubt, but there are countless influences beyond their control or partially beyond their control for which they’re praised or blamed.

It’s important to factor these into the discussion.


Why anyone would ever vote for someone coming from Illinois, is way beyond me.

I guess the American people wanted to get screwed? No I know what it was, Obama, and
the Democrat Politicians are good at faking things.

Illinois is known to be a very corrupt state, especially Chicago. It’s been known to be
a corrupt state for over 100 years. Change! Obama promised! New Politics Obama

Who was in his cabinet again? I don’t think that Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and most
of the other people that Obama had in his Cabinet were new Politics at all.
Do you?


Personally I vote for people regardless of where they come from, race, or party affiliation.

For me it’s about compatibility and trust. The politician who’s views are most compatible with mine that I can trust gets my vote.


Never got your straight answer did you?


Obama isn’t even the worst president over the last four years.


Manafort was fired.



Not even close. Trump will win this contest easily though all the while blaming everyone else.


I took your advice, looked them up, and found out that your post is completely inaccurate. Fascinating. Lol