Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Chemicals in the Body isn’t Science?

Estrogen, and Testosterone isn’t Science related?
Hu, that’s something new. I always thought it was.

Don’t they have Testosterone and Estrogen now a days as forms
of Medication?

So you’re saying Medication isn’t Scientific?


I thought we were talking about gay people getting married or adopting?


Uuuum, you do realize that Chemically, and Scientifically gay men tend to
usually have more Estrogen in their body, than most men correct?

And you do realize that Chemically and Scientifically that gay women
tend to have more testosterone in their body than most other women correct?

Ya know………the great thing about Science is; at times it simply just comes back
to bite them Dem Dems in their ***! lol


Only White Republican men are bad.

Even though the Democratic Media and Politicians sometimes
forget and accidentally just say “White Men” in general. lol.

Of course they mean just “white Republican Men” but in the mean time,
they’re going to make sure that the White democrat Politicians
pander to whatever they want, and pay the prices for being white.


And what does this have to do with gay people getting married or adopting?


Now a days we put people with mental health issues on meds, because
of the chemical imbalances in their brain, and yet we have
gay pride day?

Gay people have chemical imbalances in their body’s and yet the Democrat
Politicians took away gay marriage away from each state, and over threw them
and made gay marriage legal in every state. Made it a federal matter, which
it isn’t!!!


So nothing.


Pretty much. He’s been told numerous times it was the SCOTUS that overturned gay marriage bans but the nonsensical rants continue.


He does that ■■■■ to get peoples talking to him. Don’t bite.


Agreed. Some people keep posting provocatively to elicit responses and then only tangentially replying. What’s the point?


Owe, so Obama didn’t sign any Executive Orders while in office?

It’s funny when they scream and point the finger at Trump for something like
the wall, when Obama and the Dems didn’t it several times. lol.


And still nothing.


Typical con, can’t win so you insult.