Obama. The Worst President in American History?

I told you, their incompetent.

Please Tell me how Obama is worse then Andrew Johnson.

Both were Dem Dem Presidents, so I can see how it would be hard to chose which one is more evil.

Wasn’t Andrew Johnson that Democrat President that took office after Lincoln got shot, and tried suppressing African Americans by doing certain things?

Go figure. A Republican Frees the Slaves, and then once a Democrat gets in their,
he tries screwing the slaves and their rights over.

The worst in my lifetime and I go all the way back to Eisenhower.

Why do you keep repeating this fantasy of yours?

Welcome Back my friend!

So who do you think are the worst 5 Presidents
of all time?

He’s simply trying to imagine what will happen when Socialism takes over
the United States of America and the Democrats make America into a one
party system, and can change any law that they deem fit.

Now let the folks know what happened right after that…yeah…I know you won’t.

What you stated was peanuts compared to the most devastating event to African Americans which was The Hayes/Tilden Compromise. Rutherford B. Hayes, a Republican sold African-Americans, free slaves down the river so that he can become president. His compromise with Samuel Tilden/democrats erased 8 years of black progress during reconstruction. Progress in businesses, property ownership, jobs, education, the right to vote, gaining political capital, wealth, etc. was taken away and reversed which ushered in Jim Crow and the rise of the KKK. He succumb to a bunch terrorist who ruled the south for the next 70+ years.

Fast forward to today, where the Democrats take advantage of the African American vote and expect it. They keep black people down ultimately by constantly making them feel like they will always be the victim! In 100 years from now, Democrat Politicians will still be whining about the KKK, and Racism. It doesn’t matter if it was 500 years from now. As long as there are Republicans around, no matter what, the Democrat Politicians will always whine about Racism and the KKK, and the white devils, in order to project their hate on Americans, and to divide this country!

And I’m sure that if MLK Jr. was around he’d be ashamed of what the Democrat Politicians have become!!! He was about peaceful protests, and not about the hate that Democrat Politicians and Democrat Activists spew now adays.

People like Al Sharpton are Racists against Whites,
and the Left Wing Fake Liberal News Media constantly talks about the white devil.

Why are Democrats trying to suppress white men? Isn’t that majorly contradictory
in general?

So in other words, it wasn’t ok to suppress Blacks, but it’s ok to suppress White men? lol. Well, that’s Liberal Logic I guess.

It’s cute that you don’t think that modern day “scholars” don’t have a biased
tainted towards of view, and you simply just take their opinions as facts. lol.

Just like the Modern day Fake News Liberals that
are biased.

Yes, they do.

Liberals tend to shoot themselves in the foot from their own so called
logic on a regular basis though.

But it is fun to watch on occasion. It gets old very quickly though. Especially,
trying to sort out all of their fakes stories.

At this point it’s not asking the question of which ones aren’t logical and made up.

It’s more of asking, which few are logical, and not make up? lol.

More shameless bumping your own thread… with a 2 month old post this time.

That’s not very nice to say. lol.

You’ve been doing it whenever people stop talking to you.


I seriously doubt you’re sorry I feel that way, or honestly apologize for doing so.


Obama and Jimmy Carter 1a and 1b.

LBJ number 3.

Andrew Johnson number 4.

Not sure who i would pick for 5.


I think that is an accurate ranking.

Yep I agree with you. Easily the top 3.

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Let’s take a look at ranking by those not blinded by ideological hatred.

The American Political Science Assoc.: Obama rated at # 8. Trump rated # 44, even republican/conservative members rated Trump # 40

C-SPAN’s third Presidential Historians Survey in 2017: Obama # 12. "That Obama came in at No. 12 his first time out is quite impressive,’’
Trump wasn’t ranked in this survey.

This is typical of Democrat cone.
They always promise a pie in the sky and keep people in a perpetual hope for something that never comes.
Then they create a permanent class of dependent people on them and throw them a bone here and there to keep them hooked.
People like robots fall in line and vote them in 'cos they are stripped of dignity, dependent on hand outs and to stupid to find a way out of that rat hole.
So…yeah…go with that “long term” and just 'round the corner thingy.