Obama. The Worst President in American History?

  1. Do you know what means ?


Has anyone explained why Obama is worse then Andrew Johnson yet?


I think that Trump will win in 2020. Then, I hope that he endorses a Conservative
in 2024. Hopefully Hannity, or someone else that actually tends to be
more Conservative on things, compared to more moderate, or more Republican.

I don’t see who would be crazy enough Republican wise to run against Trump.


Ahh, you went too far. :slightly_frowning_face:


Isn’t that kind of Racist to say?


For some reason i dont think you understand the definition of racism


So Obama was the worst President just because he was Black?
I’d call that pretty Racist. That’s judging him based on his skin color.

It’s ok. There are a lot of Racist Democrats. They don’t
think that they’re Racist though. Either that or they know, but they
just don’t care, and they hide it really good.


Lololol where is the lie? Some republicans think he is the worse because he was black … FYI im black so you calling me a racist against another black man is funny


That’s not what 2024 means. The NATO plan came in before Trump was even elected. But yeah. #tiredofwinning


I’m not sure how calling you Racist against another black is funny?

Do you think that it’s not possible? Conservative Blacks are called Traitors
to their own Race by Democrats on the far Left all of the time. It’s almost
like Black Democrat people expect every Black person to vote for Democrats
otherwise they’re automatically Traitors to other blacks?

And Democrat Politicians take advantage of most black people, automatically
expecting them to vote for Democrat Politicians or they’re traitors in general.
Funny how that works hu?

Are we talking Liberal logic here?


so do u think that gay married people should be able to adopt?

You know, the funny thing about allowing gay people to get married,
is that supposedly the Democratic Party is all about so called “Science”.

Do the Democrat Politicians ever mention that within “Science” it’s proven
that gay people have imbalances within their brains? Gay men
have more estrogen, and gay women, and more testosterone.
Talk about true statistics, and Science.


In all of that you still dont know the definition of racism


So for your fellow Black People that support Trump, what do you think
of them?

Are they Racists too? Or Anti somethings? Or Traitors to the Democratic Party?


They arent very smart just like any other Trump supporter


That’s it? It’s ok, I’m used to not getting answers from most Democrat Politicians.
That’s why Democrat voters don’t have answers in general.


Why not even close? and Why does anyone that believe that have no clue
about presidential history?


Of course they should, no its not about science.


There has also been an interesting form of mental gymnastics from the alt left when a black Trump supporter like Candace Owens decides to marry a white male as opposed to a liberal black male like Don Lemon choosing to marry a white male. Really quite fascinating.


Uuuum What? lmao!!! It’s not about the Science, and yet the Democrat Party
constantly always is the Party of Science supposedly. They’re with Global warming,
Religion, Etc.


Gay people getting married or adopting has nothing to do with science.