Obama. The Worst President in American History?


So in other words, it doesn’t matter to you as a Democrat voter, if Hillary did
collude with Russia. I figured as much, but I wanted to give you the benefit
of the doubt and ask you anyways.

I’m sure it would matter to most of the people in the middle, and on the right,
and some Dem voters.


A slick willy supporter said this.


Man, I didn’t think I’d actually say this but after reading this thread is pretty obvious that people are jealous of Obama. I guess him being way more honest than Donald Trump and more fiscally responsible and a better father and all that stuff is hurting Trump voters.

Oh well. You made your bed with the adulterer and con man. Nobody’s else’s fault but your own.


Wow! That’s an amazing inability to read you display there. Let me bold what you clearly missed.

Are you saying that if Trump were caught red-handed colluding with Russia you would no longer vote conservative and would vote liberal?


I didn’t actually think I’d say this, but after reading this post, it is pretty obvious that
Democrats are jealous of Trump. I guess Obama lying about Obamacare, the Uranium One Deal, NAFTA, and plenty of other things makes him a hero to Democrats. That and helping bring more Terrorism into America. Not to mention almost doubling the national debt by over 8 Trillion dollars. As a Conservative I’m not going to talk about Obama being a father, because that’s personal, and morally would be a No No to talk about for people that have integrity. lol.

Oh well. You made your bed Democrats, and now Scarlet Johansen has to lie in it with Obama. Nobody’s fault but the Fake News Media, Democrat Politicians, and their voters.


It’s like Democrats are stuck in an echo chamber and can’t ever
come up with anything original. lol.


Is that an apology for misreading my post?


uuum no? How would you consider this an apology? lol. hahaha.

Usually an apology has a sorry, some place in it. or that that person was
wrong in some way. That has neither. lol.


It’s ok. You have your narrative to believe in and my responses don’t matter. Carry on.


You manipulated your answers and response, to the point where it doesn’t make any
logical sense. I asked you if you would change your mind on anything political wise on your beliefs basically if Hillary Clinton has colluded with Russia. Meaning would you still vote for Democrats, and be a Democrat. You knew this, but you manipulated your response.

Your response was; “Well, I certainly wouldn’t vote for Hillary any more!”
Well duh! lol.

Then I said;

and then you said;

My advice to you is, try hiding your answers better next time, and manipulating them, or try finding someone who isn’t going to point out your flaws as much. lmao.


I’m different than most. But you really know what saddens me in general about
the Democratic Politicians?

Is that they pretend to be all about equality for women, and all races, but
at the end of the day, they only pretend to do so, and don’t really care
about most of the things that they supposedly support.

The proof is in the pudding, and the fact that they constantly contradict their beliefs
only shows most of the American People that their liars.


are u a little girl or a little boy?
Either way, just know that I respect u either way, no matter
what you decide whom u are in life.

Just as long as you’re over 18 years of age,
cause I’m not Bill Clinton, who goes to fantasy island, and
rapes little girls.


you’re here to help me right? so help me.


Why would you think I’m here to help you?


With every day passing of a trump presidency means we are more removed from obamas a.k.a the biggest mistake.


Carpe, I think I’ll just leave you to your fevered dreams of Democrats, Hillary and liberals. You seem to have a good grasp of their soul. :laughing:


I’m sorry you believe that, but it is no humans right to judge another persons
soul. That’s up to the all mighty Lord. He will Judge the Doctors, the Lawyers,
The Voters, the Judges, and the Democrat Politicians that allow Abortion to take


I wasn’t talking literally about the soul. Sorry. Sometimes written communications can be imprecise. I meant you understand the desires and motivations of Dems so well. :smile:




I thought I knew at one point and time, but to be honest, not sure right now.
I do know that Obama did double the national debt almost. And that
there is so much corruption within politics in general no mater what the side.