Obama. The Worst President in American History?


lol and here you are posting. Hilarious


I realize that Hannity, Limbaugh and Trump aren’t perfect.

But overall they’re helping this country overall, a lot more than the Democrats are.
And the Democratic Socialist Politician Agenda.

Plus I could never vote for a Party that enjoys the Murdering of Innocent babies.


Dr. King wouldn’t support the hate speech that the left wing activists spew,
like Maxine Watters telling Democrats to harass Republicans.

Some people getting beat up, simply for wearing a MAGA hat, or having a
bumper sticker supporting Trump.

I forgot, Democrats are perfect, and they’re always the victims, and
Republicans are always the “big meanies”. lol.

Everything is Trumps fault right?
I’m a Proud smelly Walmart Shopper.
God Bless


Nope, but according to you guys NOTHING is trumps fault.


He’s not perfect, and he could work on some things.

But overall, he’s definitely a lot better for America than any Democratic
Presidential Candidate for 2020 is.


Prove it, name something he did wrong.


I knew that was coming. I don’t agree with him cheating with other women
while in a relationship. That’s all I’m going to say though. I named one thing.
You said name something.

Besides, if I named more things Democrats on here
would simply try and use it against me in every discussion.


I’m impressed, I didn’t think you would.


I’ve mentioned several things about Trump I didn’t agree with,
with my time on being here so far. It’s just that the Democrats
only hear what they want to hear.


Do you disagree with the unprecedented number of lies he has told while in office? Lies that can be easily fact checked by non-partisan sources.


Where did I imply you are inauthentic?

My point, which you buried in your weird tangent, is that you provided “examples” of socialism yet they weren’t examples of socialism. They were just policies you disagreed with. Now, I could spend the time explaining to you what socialism means and why your examples were not socialist but why bother? A few weeks, more likely days, you will be back to calling things socialist that aren’t because you don’t want to be precise in your language. You prefer the club of calling everything you don’t like, “socialist!”


Wait…is this another Trump bash thread? Title says Obama. Funny how this happens.


Well well well. Obama keeps company with some shady characters. His whitehouse counsel just got indicted.


A trump supporter said this.


Are you guys sure you want to see what mueller dug up? Obama could be getting his hands dirty.


That guy didn’t have any legal problems till he paired up with Manafort.


I’m all for investigating. If it leads to Obama, so be it. You should try that attitude.


No. But I try and stay objective. Things of which the left knows hardly anything about.


Would it change your mind on anything Political Ideologically wise, if Republicans could prove that Hillary Colluded with Russia?


Well,I certainly wouldn’t vote for Hillary any more!

Are you asking if I would change from liberal to conservative? Why would I? My ideals aren’t tied to politicians. No cult of personality here, like Trump.