Obama. The Worst President in American History?


If wishes were fishes…

No one wants to acknowledge that they’re being manipulated. They all want to believe they’ve made up their own minds, after carefully digesting the “facts” they’ve gleaned from “honest” news sources.

And yes, I’m talking both sides.


Why? it actually makes logical sense, compared to “Fake News”.


what is a Jamerican?

The problem with you and most of your Democratic friends is that you
and Fake News aren’t objective 99.9 percent of the time.

you should try it some time though. It might open your eyes to the real
truth within this country???

I’m guessing this will never happen though, because your people(democrats),
are either to scared to do so, or are to ignorant to do so.


Exactly. I have family and friends that are liberals all along the spectrum and not one wants full socialism. Not one.

Some people fall for the talk radio spin.


Do you not have the same access to resources as I do? Stop being Intellectually lazy and look for yourself what the term Jamerican is.

The problem with you and most of your trump supporting friends is intellectual laziness. If it does not line up with what you believe in politically you automatically dismiss it as false or fake news. You out here getting your information from Sean, Rush, Laura, Fox News, Breitbart and the like listen/read whatever they say, then run back here to this board and repeat/post their exact words. Not once do you stop, think for a second and say to yourself, “Is this really true…hmmmmm…let me set my political beliefs aside and check the truth for myself”. Not once checking to see what the other side has to say in regards to the same subject, then from there discern what is truth, fact, false or just some bias opinion. Any reasonable person would do this. It might open your eyes to the real truth within our country.

What is the real truth? Politicians(not all , but many including your lord and savior donald trump) have used race, religion, class, and party to divide this country. This bull crap transcends anyone being a democrat, republican, liberal or conservative because both sides have done it and continue to do it. My political beliefs, some are conservative some are liberal, however the difference between you and me I listen/read/study both sides of the argument see how it benefit or hurt me and my community and then make a decision from there. I don’t make decisions to see how bad it hurt the other side while at the same time hurting myself in the process just to make a political point.

Finally, speaking of ignorance…My favorite quote by my fraternity brother Dr. King, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. This is what ALL of this boils down to and why we are in the situation we’re in. Some of us either fall under one or the other and in some cases both. Which one are you?


What does Jamerican mean? I could look it up, but there tends to be two different definitions of things in life. The actual real definition, and then the Democrat
Politically Correct version of what a word means. That’s why I’m asking you,
what it means to you.

Authenticity is a good thing my friend.
Quit being like your Democrat Politicians and simply project things.

I already said that Democrats weren’t objective, and you simply just
said it right back to me basically. lol.

Talk about not having your own thoughts. lol.


Maybe they should tell that to your Democratic Politicians then?

For those who seek out the truth, if you skim the link below, it will show
that the top two most listened too News talk Radio shows on air
are Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh. That’s because they tell it how it is,
and people can tell that they’re honest, and trustworthy!

Then compare it too their Liberal competitors. lol.


Why would I do that? They don’t want full on socialism either. It’s sad that you keep falling for talk radio mischaracterizations. But it fits your world view so you gobble it up.

Go to a Dem politicians website and see what they promote. It isn’t full on socialism. But I know you will just say the absence of evidence is evidence of their socialism. It’s what every True Believer says.


I find it pathetic that Past Presidents didn’t hold other countries accountable
for paying their fair share. Good thing a Conservative- Donald Trump
is making them accountable, so America can keep more of its own money,
and doesn’t have to shell out more to make up for other countries.


Obamacare, Terrorist Attacks under Obama, Open boarders and protection of
Sanctuary Cities, leading to fear, and Anarchy.
I’d say, that’s pretty Socialistic to me.



I don’t think that word means what you think it means. I’d go through each of your items one by one but why bother? You won’t change.


How many more Americans were in poverty under Obama?

There was a lot more people on Food Stamps and Welfare while Obama,
and the Democrat Politicians ran the country compare to Trump.

Trump creates jobs, while the Democrat Politicians just want everyone
to have to rely on the Government. I’d call that Socialism wouldn’t you?



This thread is merely an alter ego for the OP. He keeps bumping it if no one posts in it for a while.


I thought Democrats were accepting of everyone no matter who they are?
Are you judging me? Why do I need to change? Can’t you just accept me the
way that I am? lmao. :smirk:


In the other two Threads on here that have thousands of views, the Democrat ones, I remember seeing them go a week or two with no posts, and then
Democrats bump them.

Next time you’re trying to attack me, maybe think to yourself if you can easily
be contradicted??? Because of the hypocrisy of Democrats on here.

I’m nothing special in life, but I have Freedom of Speech still, until the Democrat Politicians take it away some day, and then I’ll still speak out. lol.

In the long scheme of things I don’t know that much in life. I try and live and learn
from my mistakes. Weather or not other people have any humbleness about them,
simply comes down to each individual.

I’m far from perfect, and even though I am a perfectionist, I know that it isn’t
possible for any human to be so.


Wow, that’s quite a response. Why not just admit you had no idea what socialism means? You seem to define any policy you dislike as “socialism”. Words have meanings.


I like it when I am wrong. It gives me the opportunity to correct myself and move forward being wrong about one less thing.

Some people, despite evidence, never admit they are wrong. Too much pride. Instead, they move forward continuing to be wrong.


Everything you post isn’t an original thought. We know where you get your marching orders. Now eat this cracker.


A noble effort, but you realize its pointless, right?


You don’t read so well do you? It’s ok. I’m a slow reader myself.
And you call me not authentic?

You’re saying the same thing I am over and over again!

What’s even more funny, is that one of your fellow Dems on here liked your post,
of you basically just saying the exact same thing I did. lol.