Obama. The Worst President in American History?


1933 Germany agrees with you.


Well, don’t fret it.

I have been told we will all be dead in 12 years, anyway.



Hillary was not that good of a Presidential candidate, who didn’t campaign in Wisconsin during the Presidential election. During the 2018 midterms, all the three states that delivered Trump his victory in 2016 (Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin), the Democrats won the senate and governor’s races. And with the Democratic convention being held in Wisconsin next year, that state will not be ignored by the Dem nominee again.


Florida was won by Trump, and that state currently has two Republican Senators.


Truman and Nixon were both proponents of universal basic income. Eisenhower presided over a 90% marginal tax for the super rich.


I’m sorry, but mid-terms don’t signify much as it relates to presidents. Most presidents lose in mid-terms and this one actually won the Senate, when he wasn’t necessarily supposed to. And mid-terms are much more about the individual House and Senate candidates, as the president isn’t on the ballot.

What matters is that the rust belt rejected Obama’s standard-bearer and hand-picked successor candidate, when they had a presidential vote to make.

Obama really, really did have anti-rust belt policies and Clinton paid for them.



If they have the majority then yep.


Five minority presidents.

John Quincy Adams
Rutherford B. Hayes
Benjamin Harrison
George W. Bush
Donald Trump


Go back and pay attention to who told you that. Then go back and read the ‘document’ that narrative is based upon.

You may notice a difference but don’t be alarmed. It’s just ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ — but you’ve ‘been told’ so it must be true.


The main reason for that was that the Senate map was much more favorable to Republicans than Democrats during the 2018 midterm elections. There were more Democrats up for reelection in 2018 than Republicans. Three of the four incumbent Democratic Senators that lost in 2018 were from States that Trump won by double digits.
The three Democrats that were up for reelection from Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin all won their reelection bids. Senator Casey of PA and Senator Baldwin of WI won their reelection bids by double digits. And GOP Wisconsin’s Governor Walker lost his reelection bid.


The Senate map is going to be much more favorable for Democrats in 2018 than it was in 2020. I believe that the Democrats will pick up about three or four Senate seats in 2020.
As for the 2020 Presidential election, I believe that the Dem Nominee will win Wisconsin and probably win Michigan and/or Pennsylvania. I believe that Trump will win Ohio again. As for Florida, I have really no idea who will win that state. Whoever wins Florida will probably win the 2020 Presidential election.


I’m sorry but it still comes down to the same thing - the mid terms didn’t have a president on the ballot. That almost all presidents lose all or part of Congress in their first mid term doesn’t mean that president has been rejected. More often than not it is a sign that the electorate wants balanced government - something they always want and believe will work well - even though it often doesn’t work at all.

2016 WAS a referendum on which direction the country’s president should take, following the last president and his direction.

And that was Barack Obama and his direction was rejected.



Realistically, the Democrats have too much power already.

I know this, because if Hillary Clinton can get away with betraying this country,
and selling top secret documents to the highest bidder, without even going to
jail, then Conservatives have already lost. It means that the Democrats
have enough power and corruptness to control the authorities to the point
where they can get away with anything at any time.

At this point as a Conservative, I’m pushing back, and will keep fighting no matter
what! For the Constitution, our Freedoms, and the real American way.




There is actually one hope left for Conservatism in this country, and a
Democracy, and not to have a Socialist Country in America,

and that is President Trump.


If Hillary would have won the election, America would look like a much different
place, and Socialism would be prevailing.

It would have been the end of Conservatism as we know it.


That’s why you have senators and representatives. Presidents don’t represent states - the represent people, and it doesn’t matter where they live.


Of course it matters where they live!

AGAIN, what makes you thing the rest of the country wants California, Florida and New York to decide who their president is?

The EC is like the Congress, in that it takes into account the size of state populations, but ALSO acknowledges the soveriegnty and importance of individual states.

If you end the EC there is no reason why many states would want to remain in the United States. They would effectively have no say in their federal gocvenment.



so you’re saying that there are more democrat voters in the US than Republican voters… interesting.


All wrong.