Obama. The Worst President in American History?


well, naturally, since YOU say, “all wrong” that ends the discussion.

I concede



The states already have a say in the federal govt, its called congress.


The states have a say in the legislature but they also need a say in picking the executive. This gives it to them.

AGAIN, if you take away the power of the interior of the country to pick their president, there is simply no reason to stay in the union.

That’s why whether you like it or not, there is no way we will ever get rid of the EC. It both represents populations and soveriegn states - like the Congress.

You seem to think that the only thing that makes a state important to the nation is the number of people in it.




Then why should anyone but the electors vote for potus?


Because as I said, electors also represent populations. That’s why it’s a fair deal.

California gets the most at 55 electoral college votes, because it has the biggest population. Be happy. That respects all the people they have.

But other states have to have as much influence just for being in the union as California and that’s why their EC votes also have to be factored in. Still, it takes many of them to equal the EC votes of California.

With the EC populations get influence, but states - just because they are a part of the union - also must be heard from. It’s a win-win for everyone.



No they don’t.


One person, one vote.



We are a republic - not a democracy.

And because we are we need to be represented by the states we live in and those states need to have influence in the election of the executive.

The EC gives each state influence in the election. Why bother to have states at all, unless they do?


Why bother to vote for president since only the electors matter.


Because the electors will then vote for the person they vote for, but do so as both their representatives and the state’s representatives.

They want their state represented, too.



States are already represented, remember congress?


States need to be represented in the election of the executive branch - not just the legislative branch.

That is precisely why they created the EC in the first place.



No they don’t.


Not really.


Well, good luck telling that the the interior of the country.



If you say so.


Nope. Worst president in history is easily Reagan for starting the idea of trickle down economics which destroyed the middle class and from which we still are suffering.


The only purpose of having states is to elect Presidents?


Where do you see that???

The reason to have the EC is because we have states that need representation in the election of the executive branch.




The states have never said that Obama was not elected to the presidency.

Whether they like him or not isn’t the issue. They got their EC votes counted in both elections he was in and they didn’t whine that it wasn’t fair because he won.