Obama. The Worst President in American History?


If the electoral college vote was taken away, the Democrats could win the Presidency with just a few states, like Calif, NY, Floriduh, that means the rest of the states votes don’t even count, doing so would be exactly what the Democrats ALWAYS blame the Republicans for SUPRESSING the vote.
Anything to win, even stack the heads of the FBI n CIA and bring fake allegations into a presidential race to try and change an outcome of our election process. If Justice n the rule of Law has returned to America and without two tiers of Justice, And they answer for their crimes, if not, it s America as usual and none of this really matters


How is letting people vote for potus suppressing voting?


because , there’s enough people in NY, California, Floriduh along with a couple other states that would have enough numbers to call a win, you wouldn’t need anymore votes after that, so that means a lot of peoples votes in middle America and others wouldn’t even count, SAVY?


Not very good at math are you. :roll_eyes:

It would also force R’s to contest these states. Ever think the reason they lose so badly is they don’t campaign there.


If they voted then it counted.


I’m very good at math , I learned it before 3rd grade obamamath.


It doesn’t show.


Are you serious? if a person wins before ALL the votes are counted, how did their votes count?
Please no Common core math, let us use our own thought process ok?


I’m not sure when Obamamath started but I’ve gotta assume after he became President.

So you were in third grade in 2009? That’s a lot of questions answered and not just math.


I was referring to Barry O’s 3rd grade Common Core math mentality he came out with, lol, good try though


I thought he just renamed ‘NCLB’ math.


Why would you declare a winner before all the votes are counted?


Right, because what we really want is California and New York telling all the rest of us who should be President.




I completely understand the reason for the Electoral College and why we need it, if we are to have presidents that represent the desires of all states, and not just the few most populous states.



What’s more likely is we’ll end like Germany in 1933 and the 2a nuts will be the new Freikorps. And the NRA will be…well guess.


For more than 240 years it seems to have worked just fine. Nothing at all like 1930s Germany.



Really…3 minority presidents at least 2 have been catastrophes and the 3rd heading that way.


Are you really saying that all the presidents who also won the national popular vote have been stellar???



They, at least, reflect the will of the nation. That is what elections are for.


Sorry, but to say that because 4 million more Californians voted for Hillary Clinton than for Trump means that THE NATION wanted Hillary Clinton for president is patently false.

The EC more correctly represents the fact that THE NATION was more inclined to vote for Trump, as he won the popular vote in far more states than she did and ended up winning the EC and the election.

If you want the will of the nation you have to include the will of every state - not just the will of the voters in the most populous states.

That’s why the EC is the way to go. It gives California its propers for having a lot of people - 55 EC votes, the most of any state - but it also allows every other states to play a role, as they should.

Every state plays a part in making this a country and a great country. The EC acknowledges that.