Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Plus everyone knew she was too stupid to know what email to use as secretary of state.


Fisagate and spygate will be Obama’s down fall, most corrupt president in American history!


To bad fisagate and spygate will destroy what few attaboys Obama had.


Ya, and when a little green turd with arms and legs makes the list of recognized presidential scholars, you let us know.


Were Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice also as stupid?


They were far smarter then Hillary, they didn’t use a private server!!!


You must be referring to Obama. :rofl::joy:


Everybody here knows exactly who I’m referring to. :smirk:


[raises hand]


Must be Obama, after all he had his DOJ tell the FBI not to charge Hillary for her crimes.


The FBI doesn’t “charge” people with crimes.

This is basic, elementary school stuff.


You need to read Lisa Pages testimony.


Oh, yes it is.

I’m arguing it in fact, and using the results from 2016 to show why my argument makes sense.

I know some have this god-like worship of Obama, and think all Americans did, but most American voters give a president a second term to straighten out his agendas - doesn’t mean they think he was wonderful.

But they would not give a third, when two STILL doesn’t get it done. Two is more than enough time to get it right or not.

Obama FAILED the rust belt and they made it clear they wanted a whole 'nuther direction, FAR away from his policies.



Errr, that’s exactly how you WIN electoral college votes.

So, no, quite meaningful, in fact.

What is utterly meaning less is winning the national popular vote, which gets you nothing.



And that needs to be corrected.


Obama would have beaten trump in a landslide.


How impotent are the Republicans that they can never can catch these millions of illegal voters? Impotent or incompetent? Which are they?


Right, because what we really want is California and New York telling all the rest of us what to do.



When it comes to voting for the potus there should be no electoral college.


You would think that way if cons were losing the electoral college and wining the pop. vote.