Obama. The Worst President in American History?


None of Trumps policies are working.


There’s about 350 million people living in this country. 100s of millions?


Trump has added almost $3 trillion. He ain’t off to a good start.


That was already brought to attention, but the response talked about Trump policies reducing the debt. :thinking:


Except there isnt. Take solace in the fact you were told it was and believe it as gospel to next year.


Maybe Trump has to grow the deficit before he can reduce it. or something.


That only works until his total surpasses his predecessor in a less amount of time? At which point the narrative switches to… well so and so would have been worse. Its as easy to read and predict as clockwork.


In a ranking by presidential historians, they were both in the top half as I recall.


That’s a good question. He should have.


None of them at all? Trump doesn’t seem to get credit
for anything good he does at all.


Reagan was King of the Hoplophobes.


I love the Second Amendment!

When and where was Reagan against the 2nd Amendment, and


Oh dude. He took the first step on Hoplophobe Road that led to what you see in California today. He disarmed the population to disarm the black population out of sheer fear. He and Darryl Gates are the two most responsible for this ■■■■■

Ronald Reagan is an affront to the US Constitution.


Oh and amnesty.


Both Bush’s gave Amnesty also. The Democratic Politicians, just want open
borders, and too look away from key points where they knew illegals were
flooding in.

The Democratic Politicians and Presidents have constantly over thrown the
Constitution, and the states rights.

At least we have Trump in there now! He’s building the wall!
We may have to allow some more Amnesty, and make deals that aren’t
the best, but ultimately in the end if Conservatives get a wall built across
the border it will be a major victory for the American people, and for

It will ultimately help stop hundreds of millions of illegals
and refugees flooding America over several years.


What policy has he implemented that is working?


No, you mean he’s an affront to the crazy view you have of it.


Job Growth.


He should have job growth. He was give the greatest string of job growth in nearly 50 years.

Thanks Obama.


When I look and expect certain things under the Obama Era in life, and
yet nothing happens, it’s entirely different, than when I’m in the Trump Era,
and things actually happen! lol. lMFAO!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::kissing: