Obama. The Worst President in American History?


It’s kind of fun watching you argue, carpe. So liberating that you say whatever you like without backing anything up. Hard to take you seriously knowing your penchant for saying whatever comes into your mind.


Am I supposed to guess which one?
The one you responded to was about prison reform.

Which is why it was rhetorical question and why I don’t care to sort it out. It gets no better. Well, maybe tomorrow it might. I am an optimist. I’m also naïve.


I’m happy that I can keep you amused. At least I guess I don’t bore you.

So California, and Chicago are both really good with money then?
How about New York?

Massive amounts of people are leaving New York, because of how high
the taxes are there are they not? I wouldn’t think that I’d have to put links
in here about that, and we could both agree that is happening to New York.

New York is a huge Liberal ran state.


If you go to my post, and click on your screen name, in my post that
starts out “We better git rid of cows, or the world will be gone in 12 years.”
you’ll see what I was responding to was your post that started out with
“Quality of life issues for one.”.


Trump isn’t a conservative.



Instead of fighting for what he said he would do, he immediately outsourced his Cabinet to the Clinton mafia. The he spent 8 years kicking his own ass.


Were the Bush’s? Both granted Amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants,
while not building a wall.

I know that Bush Sr., and his wife both were ok with Abortion.
Trump isn’t part of the Republican Establishment, if that’s what you mean?


Last conservative President was Calvin Coolidge.

Sad that it’s been almost 100 years since one has been elected.


Reagan was pretty Conservative. The country over the years,
has moved more and more predominately to the far Radical Left,
and the only way that Republicans could survive and still try and get elected
was to become more moderate to Liberal over the years for some things.

For other things, they’re just a bunch of cowards on, and don’t
keep their promises. Trump makes me proud to be a Conservative Again.
I was always proud, but even more so when he won. When was the
last time a president kept his promises on what he campaigned about
on a regular basis. Not just a couple of things or less?


Sure. Criminal justice reform - long overdue, near universal support. I’m sure that it’s pure coincidence that it took two years to put together, just in time for the midterms. :roll_eyes:

That’s pretty much it.


No he wasn’t.


Reagan increased debt. Not conservative.

One campaign promise Trump failed on - Repeal and replace ObamaCare. Failed, gave up. Doesn’t try any more. Not on radar.

Don’t see any Trump supporters demanding Trump focus on that promise. Why not?


As president, Reagan “raised taxes in seven of his eight years in office.

Reagan nearly tripled the federal budget deficit.

Reagan grew the size of the federal government.

As governor of California in 1967, Reagan signed a bill to liberalize the state’s abortion laws that resulted in more than a million abortions.

Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million undocumented immigrants.


Why didn’t Obama do more for criminal reform?


obama too the national debt from 11 trillion to 19 trillion.

He’s definitely in the tippiest of Tippy tops to me as at least one of
the top 5 worst Presidents of all time.


If Trump takes it from 19 to 25 T in his 4 years, is he in the tippy top or does he get a pass because he is a Republican?


The Bush’s gave Amnesty to millions of Illegal Immigrants also.

Makes me wonder how many tens of millions or hundreds of millions
of Illegals have flooded into this country over the years.

Glad there’s a wall being built.


As long as his Economics start kicking in, and working for Americans, to the
point where they’re making the national debt ultimately go down, and
isn’t anywhere near what Obama was at 8 Trillion I think he’s done pretty good.
They have to really start working while he’s still in office, unlike Obama’s
that supposedly started working when Trump got into office.

Obama and Dems try and take credit for Trumps economic success so far.


Obama - 8 trillion over 8 years = 1 trillion per year

Trump - 3 trillion over 2 years = 1.5 trillion per year



So will you still think that Obama did better than Trump,
when Trump helps the economy and over his 8 year spand his
policies actually kick into effect while he’s in office, America gets results
and the overall national debt is less than when Obama added 8 trillion?