Obama Scraps Missile defense in Poland for Putin

An oldy but a goody. Obama didn’t want to offend his Buddy Putin so he turned on Poland. Remember. Obama was so flexible as anyone with a memory knows…

“Obama’s decision Wednesday to scuttle a costly and technically challenged long-range missile-defense system in Europe marks his most significant reversal of a Bush foreign policy priority. It could change the dynamic of what has been an increasingly tense relationship between the U.S. and Russia,”

Kissy, kissy, Putin…

You didn’t read that article, did you?

Is there any point in bringing up that instead of that missile defense system we put in a slightly different one in Romania? Or will that once again fall in the category of stuff Cratic doesn’t know anything about?

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Props for the find, BUT tell the whole story Cratic.
Tell why Fmr. Defense Secretary Gates urged Obama to switch plans.
Tell what happened in our intelligence the cause the change in the initial plan.

I don’t think we were doing Russia any favors. Hell, they ended up hating the new plan more than the original Bush era plan.

you are such a try hard Cratic.

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You should really read the entire article you cite before you make a post, Trumpbot.


You make it easy to never take you seriously.

LOL. But Obama!

Oops. But Venezuela!

The worst part is…this is a favorite of the CEC.

They LOVE to recycle it.

Putin wasn’t President then, either.

Well…not in name, but everyone knew Medvedev was a figurehead.

True. I read the article. It was fairly long and nuanced for a network article, so I knew cratic couldn’t have read it. I wanted to poke him/her a bit. :slight_smile:

Another faceplant by the OP

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The point is Obama did it to suck up to Putin…

You guys love Romney now, Here’s his take…

The United States stopped plans to build a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe “as a gift to Russia.”
— Mitt Romney on Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 in comments on CBS’ “Face the Nation”

Obama told Romney about Russia… “The 80’s needs their foreign policy back”… That’s how out of Touch O’bummer was/is…

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Tee’d off Europe…

“Reports that US President Barack Obama is to scrap plans to deploy a missile defence shield in Poland and the Czech Republic have provoked anger in Europe.”

No the point is you tried to make a case that Obama gave Putin something and at the same time screwed over an ally. Big fail there my friend and now in true Cratic style you are moving the goalposts.

Just admit you got something wrong for once.

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How Obama lost Poland…

"Adding insult to injury, it was revealed that Obama had pulled the plug on the interceptors on Sept. 17, 2009, the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Poland. "