Obama”No serious person out there believes you can rig an election...”


Why did Obama want Russian influence in our elections? That’s the real question. Why did Russia turn on Obama and supported Trump instead. Or is Trump working for Obama?


Sometimes i think the far left wont be happy till the survivors glow like neon light bulbs. War is not the only way out of problems, dipsticks.


There should be and are. Many Democrats are happily pretending that 75K in facebook ads and trolling is why Hillary won.
As for as the DNC emails, what is so wrong with those emails that they would turn an election? If they did, is that on the hackers or the DNC for writing them…or both?
“How dare you reveal what I did!”


DNC and Hillary claim hacking. Servers were never obtained… etc.

So yes, ask them.


I don’t believe we can have a total idea of what Russia spent on it’s operation, but we do know about 75K that Russia spent trying to influence our election. They utilized bots to populate social media to generate a narrative going. This is not technology that Clinton used. It’s far cheaper, and dishonest, than anything she was involved with. If using that technology isn’t illegal in American elections now, I feel it should be.


I guess I’m saying robots shouldn’t have the freedom of speech.


Donald Trump paid actors at his first rally to make the impression people were excited for his candidacy. I had to have 50,000 bots on social media work on his behalf to make it seem people were talking about him.


Yeah, the indictments have to do with hacking into voter registration computers, not Facebook ads.


obama, for the first time in our country’s history, let a foreign power “meddle” in our elections and he NEVER SAID A WORD ABOUT IT to the American people. Yet, somehow it’s trump’s fault and he has to answer for it.

Sorry, we’re not buying today. Go peddle your shirt somewhere else.


He’s “historic”.


I KNOW! Obama let us down. He didn’t warn us before hand that a hostile power was working to help a major party candidate? That’s messed up. He was a weak president who always chose the less offensive option rather than what was right for the country.

I would hope Trump would step up to the plate and show he’s a REAL president. This is Trump’s chance to show that he’s a man and protect America from hostile powers who don’t have our hold our best interests.

Rude, but I have eyes too.


With Facebook no less. Who knew it would be so easy?


Have you heard of bot farms?


Sounds like the Intelligence Community was all over this. Must not have been too much to worry about if they just stood by and let it happen.


Facebook is a problem all its own.

The clients are the products and Zuckerburg gladly sold their information.


Yes. Round up should take care of it.


Our Intelligence Community is garbage. We should outsource to the private sector. They know how to make things efficient.


Who did they say did the Sony attack?


I don’t disagree, and I have no idea what the answers are. But i won’t ignore the problem that’s staring us in the face.


In a great way it’s all connected.