Obama”No serious person out there believes you can rig an election...”

So did Obama lie to the Americans. It sure seems so but he thought Hillary was a shoe in. So it didn’t matter and Americans would never know what DNC and deep state did.


obama let our democracy and elections get interfered with by a foreign power and somehow trump has to answer for it.

Am I the only one that’s noticed dimocrats are getting much, much dumber?? I call it the maxine effect.


So if someone tries to rig it there should be no repercussions?

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Yes, there should be but the deep state, DNC, Clinton’s, Obama, etc will never see the inside of a courtroom- UCD less a prison.

Whut? … …

Yeah, it really turned out that you can rig an election. Obama was clueless.

Yeah this is making the rounds in the cec…its stupid…

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What is this? i didn’t bother checking it out before replying.

Ok he was wrong… now what is Trump going to do? Why is he taking Obama’s word for it? Thought Obama was a failed president?

Yes, what is Trump going to do to clean up yet ANOTHER Obama mess?

Good grief.

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Nothing…just the daily talking points from the right in order to downplay trump looking like a traitor


Why did Obama let the Intelligence Community get so inept under his rule? So many Americans were compromised during his Presidency. There was even a candidate in the Republican Party who was supported by a hostile power. But what did Obama do? Nothing.

What interference are you referring to?

Actually Obama was very successful in his efforts to destroy this country. Democrats just weren’t able to hold the reigns long enough to finish the job.


Yep! Obama was terrible with this… Trump is the savior… what is he going to do?

We need to ask Hillary.

Yeah, why should Trump punish someone who was just trying to help him out? That’s stupid.

Not my words…those words are straight from the jackasses mouth.

I don’t know. I will call and ask him.

So you claim that Obama and the DNC allowed interference but when asked about it you say you need to ask Hillary?