Oath Keepers leader found guilty of seditious conspiracy

After three days of jury deliberations, Stewart Rhodes and Kelly Meggs were found guilty of seditious conspiracy. Three other individuals were acquitted of seditious conspiracy, but convicted on numerous other charges. Four out of five defendants were convicted of tampering with evidence.

The conviction on seditious conspiracy is a tremendous win for the government. Most of the multiple counts carry 20 year sentences and the ringleaders will likely face upwards of 10 years in prison.


Good bye to seditious trash

I remember when Stewart Rhodes took the stand and told the jury how much he loved his country and that he thought himself a patriot. And then he went on to tell the jury that the election was unconstitutional and that Joe Biden was not the POTUS. And his Lawyer went along with this tactic.

It’s because these guys honestly believe that they aren’t fringe, and that most people ageee with them.

Then they must have been really surprised with the verdict was delivered. At least we can be thankful that they didn’t bring their guns to the Capitol that day. Things might have gotten real ugly.

Keep believing the lies of the DNC. They are all scum, true enemies of this country.

Nah… Stewart Rhodes is an enemy of this country.

He is going to jail.

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I won’t disagree entirely, but I am wondering when the CHAD/CHAZ prosecutions begin?


Focus… focus.

The Oath Keepers had one thing in common with BLM.

They were great when they were a grass roots ideal, much less great when some one took the name and created an organization around it.

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Stewart Rhodes founded the Oath Keepers.

Can’t stand to be reminded of the double standard?


There were people who were arrested at CHOP and some of them even faced actual charges.

And? What happened?

It was just an online petition before that.

I get that there has to be a need to ignore that there were two right wing figures who have been part of the movement going back to the Bundt Ranch kerfuffle who have been convicted of Seditious Conspiracy because ITS JUST NOT FAIR!!! THERE ARE FACELESS ANARCHISTS WHO WE THINK DID THE SAME THING!!! WAHHHHHH!!!

How about some focus?

Yeah… I think Rhodes did that back when he worked for Ron Paul.

What “double standard?”

Is but no one was ever charged for taking the Lindberg baby! a legal defense to a charge of kidnapping?

That would be a terrible excuse. Bruno Hauptmann was executed.


Apologies, you are right. Hauptmann was charged, and excuted. In my defense, he almost certainly didn’t do it.

We can use the Zodiac Killer, instead. My point stands.