NYT hires open racist

It’s amazing to see the lefts open hypocrisy. All dems do these days is yell racism, yet we now have proof of who the real racists are. How else could you explain this hire?

“Sarah Jeong for its editorial board. Problem is, the 30-year-old has a very controversial Twitter account with some very nasty and hateful tweets directed at white people. Several Twitter users captured screenshots of the offensively racist rhetoric from Jeong, before she aptly deleted the tweets”

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Locker room talk.

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She posted the racism… It was not caught by accident.

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It’s the internet. Doesn’t mean anything.

Libs will defend any racist as long as they tow the party line.

Just locker room talk.

and we have the proof being posted by dems right now…lol!

Doesn’t seem like dems are actually against racism, does it…? Not one of them condemn the hiring of an open racist, so far…

I am sure there is blame on both sides of this.

Yes, she and the NYT’s are wrong for being racists

You are just taking her literally, not seriously.

I’m taking her open racism both ways… Why are you defending racism?

I am not defending racism at all.

It seems though that some people get really bent out of shape over some old mean tweets when the call for the past couple of years has been ■■■■■ your Feelings”

This is the world that you guys worked for… not me.

You just said it’s ok she’s a racist, because tweets are mean sometimes…That’s defending racism.

You would think dems would be calling for her firing… But they don’t.

She’s not a racist.

I could give a crap about who the Times hires.

I am sure that would apply to you also if there weren’t some internet rage to let out.

This type of thing is what you guys wanted… revel in it.

How can you tell.

Why does the Democratic Party as a whole, constantly make it ok to attack white people?
I guess if you’re any other race in America you can’t be Racist. At least not through thee Democrats eyes. lol.

at last you admit it… Thanks…