NYC's Democrat Leadership will allow foreign nationals to vote in city elections

See NYC Is About To Let 800K Noncitizen Immigrants Vote In Its Elections

It is both shameful and stunning that the New York City Democrat Party Leadership has decided to allow foreign nationals to compete at the ballot box with New York City citizens. Now tell me the Democrat Party Leadership has the best interests of New York City citizens in mind.

You just can’t make this crap up. The Democrat Party Leadership, once an advocate for hard working American citizens and their families, has now GONE MAD


It is absolutely shameful that those in our mainstream media and Hollywood crowd, having achieved fame, fortune and great success under a free market, free enterprise system, now work to destroy that system and impose a notoriously evil, Cuban style government, on America’s future generations.

Local elections, who cares?


Only Arizona and North Dakota have laws in place prohibits non citizens to vote in local elections.


You want non citizens voting? Why?

I really don’t have an opinion on the subject.

Only that is allowed by law in some states.


As noted in a New York Post article:

“This move shows how much contempt the far left has for the New York City electorate.

These are the same out-of-touch activists who have devalued citizenship and actually discouraged naturalization into this country by making New York a sanctuary city, so all immigrants can remain here without fear of being deported even after committing heinous crimes, and by extending benefits to immigrants, regardless of legal status. It was always in their plans to ultimately give away voting privileges.”


When it comes to healthcare and helping the needy, our Democrat Party Leadership has no moral compass whatsoever. They refuse to make the distinction between CHARITABLE GIVING and tax tyranny to support the health care needs of millions of illegal entrants and foreign aliens who have invaded America’s borders.

They can vote to disallow non citizens voters from voting in local elections.


I know the intent is to use inflammatory language to increase divisiveness, but New York City doesn’t have “citizens” and - shock of shocks - foreign nationals are also residents of New York City.


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It’s actually not a horrible idea.

Residents of a city should have a say in how a city is run.


That could be a double edged sword.

I would hope that anyone who votes would want to support America and not re-create what they escaped.

So you found a charity that used “citizen” and “New York City” in their name.




I would hope so too but local elections deal with issues like homeless encampments, school boards and garbage pick-up. Don’t see much harm in letting all residents who reside in that locality have an input there.

Especially those that work in and pay taxes to the city.


Homelessness, school boards and garbage pick up?

Who pays the taxes for that?

Residents of the city ?

The residence, both foreign nationals legally residing in the city and US Citizens that have made their residence in the city.

Remember foreign national < > illegal alien.


Are you sure? What if one lives in the city but works in another?

What if 9 people live in a 1200 sq. ft. apartment and 1 person lives in a 1200 sq. ft. apartment?

No one should be able to vote if not in this country legally.

Want to vote? Get citizenship.

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Yeah, what if ? That obviously also applies to those who are citizens, so not specific to this issue.