NYC Police Union endorses Trump

How do you feel about that?

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Feels like they could use an ally… and some reform, but definitely an ally.

Solid choice from our heroes.

I’m sure there will be others…

I’m not surprised.

They might be as bad as LAPD but they could use a whole lot more than just some reform

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If my boss were Bill DeBlasio I’d probably endorse Trump too


New York is in play!


Are we supposed to be surprised? They always endorse the Republican.

Well they certainly don’t need anymore MRAPs.

That for doiing that they will be cut out of the budget. Black Lives Matter, not Orange Lives.

Which one? There are five. Uniforms, detectives, sergeants, lieutenants, captains and up.

Also they almost always endorse GOP presidential candidates.

Trump supporters support Trump?

Stop the presses, I’m overwhelmed. :roll_eyes:

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It was the PBA, I believe - so uniforms.

As a general rule, they endorse the Republican in every race in which a Republican is competitive.

I am currently listening to “Rise of the Warrior Cop”.

They should super Love Joe Biden.

Nationally NYPD ranks very well:

Thank you for posting that.

I knew that New York City was relatively better than most other cities, but I didn’t know it was that much better.

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I stand corrected. Is that a credible source because if so I’m definitely using 2 other statistics in the future from there.

Wait - you mean to tell me that a group being promised funding in ads by a political candidate are supporting that political candidate??? I’m shocked, I tell you - SHOCKED!!!

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It’s from PW, which is a pretty big personal injury law firm. They’re not exactly prestigious, but they’re not particularly shady either.

I imagine the numbers are real.

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