NY to file charges against Trump Organization for Election Fraud?

Apparently the Manhattan DA may pursue charges against the Trump Organization for campaign fraud.

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That would just be the bees knees.

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More detailed article by the Times…

The interesting part in this is that any charges filed will be from New York. There can be no pardons for state crimes.

One of them trump jr?

If they think they got the goods then hooray for them!

Do it!

Doubtful- but they will likely put the screws to senior execs who would then flip to prosecution witnesses against Trump.

That would be my guess. Either him or Erick. Or I guess it could be both.


I’m interested to see what this new guy’s made of. There have only been three Manhattan DAs in the last sixty years and I don’t really know much about him.

I would think the DA would file charges if nothing else than to be able to get into the organization’s financials.

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Allen Weisselberg has to be one of them.

Ooh! Another witch hunt! Cool! I am loving these witch hunts, used to hate them, but by golly gee they sure are far more entertaining now than in the old days.


Wouldn’t they need to do that first… get a warrant to pursue the financial records and build a case from that?

Who knows what they may uncover.

The SDNY and the Trump Organization go back a long way. Just saying.

Cohen’s plea unleashed a cluster that’s going to hit the Trump Organization like a hurricane. Anyone got popcorn?

â– â– â– â–  is definitely getting real.

Tweetstorm in the morning!

At some point someone is gonna take that phone away from him and hit it with a hammer.

Too late now. Should have been done January of last year.

Is it too soon to speculate whom Pence will name as VP? My guess is Nikki Haley.

I’m calling whoever the new House Majority Leader is after the election.

I think it will still be Cocaine Mitch, only because so many red state Ds are running.