Ny ag moves to dissolve the nra

She says Wayne LaPierre has been defrauding members by using dues money for travel, gollf club membership. Sounds like the charges are based on a tax fraud scheme. The conference is still on- it sounds like they have all the documentation they need.

If that were true, wouldn’t the correct approach be to dissolve Wayne LaPierre, not the NRA?


It sounds like many people who had fiduciary responsibility for the NRA have been in on the fraud.

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“Greed, abuse, brazen illegality.”

My God. Could the timing of this be any dumber? Trump thanks them for the 10 point boost.

The NRA has had this coming for years, but now is the worst possible time to do this. Couldn’t they have waited 6 months?

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Where did you get that thread title? It doesn’t line up with allegations against individuals.

Literally copied it off the chyron. No, there are no individuals arrested, and it’s a civil suit, not criminal. She was just elaborating about the foundations of the suit.

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Is there a link?

Travel sounds like a permitted expense on the surface.


If they have a solid case, why wait? I don’t think they would do this without having an impenetrable case. But I could be wrong

It is inaccurate. I watched most of the press conference live. Her allegations are against individuals. I didn’t see any “Move to Dissolve”.

One does not dissolve an organization for individual or even officer acts of malfeasance in which they defrauded the actual organization.

If this is the case, the members of the NRA are the victims, not the state of NY.

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Not yet- I was watching it live. But they have a lot of evidence of tax evasion and fraud. The basis is that as a nonprofit, they are held to specific rules for use of the money they solicit. They have not used the money for their stated purpose.

She literally said that the State is moving to dissolve the NRA.

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They being LaPierre et al.

Simple reorganization, not dissolution.


Dissolve the NRA

I don’t think the state has the power to dissolve a national organization.

They can go after any illegal activity. And if they’re misusing fund then so be it. They’re fair game.

That’s how I see it unless I’m missing something.

Ok, it’s not your fault.

Yeah, didn’t watch any video just read it here.

State doesn’t have that power.

They probably can, since it’s constituted in NY.