NY AG Files Lawsuit Against Trump Foundation; Charges of Self Dealing, Violatong Tax Law, Illegally Influencing Election

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Meh, fake news ,deep state blah blah blah - all the standard replies soon to come…

NEW YORK - Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood today announced a lawsuit against the Donald J. Trump Foundation, and its directors, Donald J. Trump (“Mr. Trump”), Donald J. Trump, Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump. The petition filed today alleges a pattern of persistent illegal conduct, occurring over more than a decade, that includes extensive unlawful political coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing transactions to benefit Mr. Trump’s personal and business interests, and violations of basic legal obligations for non-profit foundations

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You’ve got him now!

This should be interesting.

No Illegal Conduct. Witch Hunt!

But Hillary…


Sham foundation? Check!

Sham University? Check!

Sham casinos? Check!

Sham steaks? Check!

Sham marriage? Check!

Sham president? Check!

At dumb ■■■■ Donald Trump is consistent. :joy:


10 c’s

Lock them up!

Assuming his moronic children are board members, would they not face legal jeopardy if the state prevails?

NY doing the nation’s work again. :clap:


The orange turd will pardon everyone…oops! Nevermind.

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The children are the board members.

If the foundation paid for Ivanka’s boob job, I say money well spent.


Laundering $$ for Russian oligarchs? Check!

Perfect candidate and President for morons in the country? Check!

Why not wait to see what the State has? As far as you guys know, this is all BS.

Read the article.

Unless you’ve been paying attention to anything outside of FOX… errr Trump NEWS.

Here’s one story.


You believe that a state AG brings a suit based on BS?