NXIVM and Trump

Not gonna detail this current issue. It is a sex cult, a sex slave trafficking cult. Lots of articles. An overview that includes the current charges of being a front for an illegal cult is here:

I’ve read several other stories in the media that say the Clintons are allies of this organization. But also the Bushes. And others. So this is not a partisan thread.

But I find no article linking Trump to this organization.

Anyone know of such linkages between Trump and NXIVM? Or are the politicians involved with NXIVM just limited to those who have tried to take down Trump?

What media would that be?

does not look like you will be much assistance in answering the main question of this thread: “anyone aware of Trump connections?”
That would require someone who is aware of the many articles on NXIVM.

I’m aware of who they are. I’ve read articles about them. I haven’t read any of substance linking the cult to politicians.

I’ve not read any articles linking “politicians involved with NXIVM being limited to those who have tried to take down Trump.” In particular linking the Clinton’s and/or the Bush’s.

Can you please link those for reference here, so as to better engage in discussion around the questions posed in the OP?

If you don’t have anything linking Trump with the cult, then there is nothing to really discuss with me. That is all I’m looking for.

If others want to discuss other connections, that would be their choice.

In your initial post you stated

You’ve asked for information regarding Trump. We’re asking you to back up the allegation made in your own post. What politicians are involved?

So, to paraphrase the OP.

“This is a sex trafficking organization.
Clintons and Bushes and people trying to take down Trump have been linked to this organization.
Is Trump? Or just his enemies?
And yea, this isn’t a partisan thread.”

Does anyone else see the glaring error his logic?

well… you got anything linking Trump or not?

Seems you got nuttin

well… you got anything on Clinton or Bush or not?

Seems you got nuttin

Both parties have plenty of people who hate Trump. It’s a political but non-partisan issue.

Ugly Trumpkin

are you addressing my post or are you issuing an ad hominem in the new forum?

There is no serious connect between this group and politicians in American though they do have some political sway in Mexico.

Google the cult and Roger Stone if you want to get someone close to Trump.

How about a link?

If I knew of a link connecting Trump with the cult I’d post it. That’s all I asked for… a link connecting Trump.

Why, do you want him to be connected to the group?

Trump is the greatest because he’s not involved with a sex cult.

I don’t. But with all that is being written about this and with Clinton having long been buddies with these people, I wanted to see whether Trump had got caught up in it or not.

But no matter how I tried to keep to the topic of Trump, libby libbies wanted to keep bringing in the old news of Clinton… link ? Link? Linky? Link? as though that was the point of the thread. Personally I don’t care if you believe it or not about Clinton. It’s peripheral to the main topic.
Furthermore, if people here can’t find that information with a two word Google search of
Clinton NXIVM
then they deserve to be uninformed low information people.

The main theme of THIS thread is Trump…not Clinton.