NXIVM and Trump

Seems to me the main theme here is titillating innuendo. Has nothing to do with politics

How can the absence of Trump’s involvement with sex cults be titillating?

Then why did you mention both Clinton and Bush in your OP? What did that add to the post or your question if you weren’t concerned with anyone other than Trump?

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Just context… the context of politicians cozying up to the slime.

You seem really interested in the involvement of others. Perhaps you would be interested in a different thread in which I posted some information… after a long and tedious search of information sources by a team of PhD researchers at the library of congress.

How about a link to the media of which you speak?

If you are interested in Clinton’s collusion with sex slave cults, there is a link to a post in another thread right above your post. It is old news and I’m surprised that you are unaware of it…Maybe your choice of news sources leaves something to be desired. In any case, I won’t hold your hand. If you need help navigating the forum, there is a faq someplace here.

This thread is only looking to see if Trump was involved. Stay on topic.

there is no connection between clinton and this group.

I’ve read it. I want to know what your definition of collusion is and how the article shows it.

You brought up Clinton in your OP. I am on topic.

People in hell want ice water.

And I want to know the definition of collusion used against Trump.

Join the club.

i don’t think you’re gonna get a straight answer. a game is being played.

actually… I refuse the play the game.

You brought Clinton et al up in the OP. You made a claim.

it was old news from 2007. common knowledge. If I mention George Washington chopped down a cherry tree or Hitler killed Jews you can whine all you want but I’m not gonna post a link just because you are unable to find information on the internet.

And besides… in a separate thread in this very forum, there was a link. So what did you do to even TRY to find out the information you are whining for?

You made the claim and they called you on it. Man up.

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the post was right here. I even pointed them to it. But nice try cowboy.

Cowman. You know how this works.

yeah… you are supposed to read the posts. There you will find that I posted the link from 2007 that connected Clinton with the cult. Old news. It was well known. I went above and beyond by even posting the link.

Please go away. I’m not gonna throw you any kisses.

You accused Clinton and Bush in your OP. We asked you to back up those accusations and for the most part you refused, stating over and over that this thread was only about Trump (which it would have been if you didn’t accuse Clinton and Bush in the OP). You then gave a link and accused Clinton of “colluding” with the cult, now refusing to even define what collusion is. Now you’re trying to play everything off as “common knowledge.”

So…make a claim, refuse to validate the claim, then deflect ad nauseum.

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What is the purpose of the thread? Has someone said Trump was involved with them? Not sure why you are looking for links between the group and Trump.