NRA needs federal funding

I think it went right over their heads.

No it didn’t.

What he’s driving at is a falsehood.

Well…an inaccuracy not a falsehood.

Jay got it…but again libs think it different.

PP is planing on raising/donating/funnel 40 plus mil to democrat candidates for 2020 election.

No…they aren’t.

But thanks for playing.

I take it NPR is acceptable source or are they too conservative for you?

With abortion-rights activists playing defense from statehouses to the Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood is unveiling a new campaign push focused on the 2020 elections.

The organization is announcing its largest electoral effort yet — with plans to spend at least $45 million backing candidates in local, state and national races who support abortion rights.

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Planned Parenthood is barred from donating to politicians and elections.

Read up on the matter and then understand why your OP is inaccurate.

I won’t hold my breath that you will, though…

Hint your own NPR article will give you your starting point…

how much of that 40 million is coming from the government.

After hints.

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Yes you guys are so inscrutable.


And of course, still wrong about PP.

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But it appears some do not want to do the ten seconds of research required to understand that…

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Green energy?

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Green energy companies were funded, not lobbyists.

The NRA is a company.

Yup. The NRA has four 501©(3) charitable subsidiaries and one Section 527 Political Action Committee.
Which makes it a corporation.

Without the NRA how will i know which trains are racist


And lobbying is not the primary activity. They don’t even do that well on the charts of top influence buyers. The media has made them a much larger demon than they are.

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Well they have been evolving. I read where they have had to make some changes as their membership has declined in the last few years.

This Russia thing is definitely a set back. I have let my membership lapse. I want LaPierre gone.

They are extremely effective in the influence dept.

No, they aren’t. I wish they were the boogeyman the media has convinced the left they are.