NRA needs federal funding

We need to encourage congress to fund NRA 500,000 million a year for gun safety and training. That’s if our goverment cares about civil rights and safety of tens of millions of Americans.

I also support NRA to spend 50 million to fund republicans candidates.

This is political issue…not second Amendment issue.


The government shouldn’t fund private lobbyist.


The NRA got $50M from Russia to support Republicans during the last election cycle. Let the Russians continue to fund their friends, don’t pass this off on the American taxpayer.


Fund the swamp.


NRA is in such bad shape its members are demanding a bailout?


Can’t afford healthcare but can afford to bailout lobbyist.


Really big


anyways if the Government wanted to prompt gun safety they can easily prompt it without the NRA.

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This is for gun safety, protecting our civil liberties and other rights.

Why do “some” have a problem with it? Also the campaign donations will ensure federal fund continue each year.

Is that a problem?

Um…I want to get this straight.

You want Congress to give the NRA $500 million (I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt you didn’t want them to give the NRA $500,000 million which would be $500 BILLION), of which $50 million will go to fund just one party’s candidates?

And this arrangement doesn’t seem…off…to you?


Well ya it’s a problem Conan, your whole scheme to take tax payer money to fund your partisan endeavor here is transparently corrupt.


The Swamp is just fine as long as it’s the “right” kind of Swamp, you see…


No it doesn’t. It seems to be the norm is it not? To get the goverment to help fund your candidacy.

So you’ve given up trying to beat ‘em and now you just want to join ‘em?

Any other principle you’d like to shred today while you’re at it?



If the Government want to prompt Gun Safety they can do so themselves they don’t need the NRA.

So it’s a problem huh…so why don’t libs have a problem with issue that they hold dear?

I think you all know what I’m talking about.

Beside…this is public safety that we are talking about. Or don’t libs care about that anymore?

Don’t get mad at me Jay…you libs taught me well. :wink:

I truly have no idea what you’re talking about.

I completely believe that your idea of public safety is funneling tax payer money through the NRA to fund republican candidates.

That’s the music I keep putting quarters in this machine to hear.

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Ah…this is the “Planned Parenthood is funding $30 million towards Dem candidates” business isn’t it?

The problem is, of course, is Planned Parenthood is doing no such thing.


Did you know that there are 12,553 federal lobbyists registered in Washington D.C.? Don’t you think that if the NRA gets money everyone else will be screaming for finding? Your plan is not workable. Now if they agreed to only focus on gun safety and not being a lobby for gun makers… yeah, like that will ever happen.