NRA is in deep financial trouble and may soon 'be unable to exist'

Is this true? Oh somebody please tell me this is true!!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Behold the power of The Hogg!! :rofl:

Probably just a ploy to raise more money.


That and maybe the Maria Butina issue might have something to do with it.

No way! They would never dupe their whack job supporters. They care about them too much.

Yeah, I kind of forgot about her since I hadn’t heard anything about her for a while. I wouldn’t mind if they shut down, but I don’t think it’s likely.

And they’ll all fall for it again. Sad.

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Probably just a ploy to raise more money.


No no no

Just thoughts and prays. That is all it will take.

You can just give them money they will never learn to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

NYS is trying to break the NRA but it won’t work. Like the NYS ran the gun industry out of the state if necessary the NRA will cease doing business there if pushed far enough.

It is quite fitting to see the left in this country going after the oldest civil rights organization in the US and quite telling about who they have become.


Lol. Yeah thoughts and prayers help those that are shot so much, should help the NRA too.

That’s what I was thinking. The article doesn’t really make much sense.

Sounds ominous.

I’m kind of loathe to click on Yahoo, so I didn’t read it. But they should be rolling in Russian cash, right? :wink:

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Hopefully these idiots won’t exist (same time as trump) in a couple of years.

It’d be nice but I don’t have the faith that they won’t still be there.

This weekend is not going to be any better.

Other organizations would argue with the idea that the NRA is the oldest civil rights organization. Sounds like their normal flyer.

just watch how the money flies in this weekend.

Hundreds of thousands, I have no doubt.

May was not good month either.

"The move comes after insurer Chubb (CB.N) was fined $1.3 million over its role in an NRA insurance program after an investigation found the NRA’s “Carry Guard” insurance program unlawfully provided liability insurance “to gun owners for acts of intentional wrongdoing”.


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