NPR tweets Declaration of Independence Trumpers scream liberal propaganda

You can’t make this stuff up. For twenty nine years NPR has been reciting the Declaration of Independence on July 4th and this year they decided to also tweet it to reach a larger audience or whatever. They were accused by Trump supporters of “calling for a revolution” and spreading “liberal propaganda”.

Trump is an authoritarian and much of his base is authoritarian and that is NOT what this country is or ever was about. Happy Independence Day indeed.

Apparently these people would have the support of Facebook, which recently banned the Declaration of Independence as hate speech.

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Is there a different between Facebook’s software flagging something and actual trump supporters reading it and not knowing what it is?

Clearly some twits at Facebook are just as ignorant.

Gosh yes. Facebook has power, a few randomly selected people mocked by NPR have none.


No Power?
They elected Donald Trump……….

I know that town well.

So they interviewed all Trump supporters, and I am mistaken in thinking this just involved a few Trump supporters?

TYPICAL Trump supporters………

Facebook corrected their error and apologized, correct?

Yes, good point.

Understandable that Trumpists would be outraged. The DOI is a radically subversive document, after all.

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The article is from a year ago.

…and will re-elect him in 2020…

Yeah I thunk it sounded familiar.

This is whynwhen we were having this very debate on the white supremacists marching in Washington thread, I mentioned to the “law and order” folks posting there that some things are more important than upholding law and order, and the Founding Fathers would agree with me on that statement.

Party pooper :wink:

Didn’t the Right get bent last year as well when NPR did this?

Yes, but still funny.

Just prove not everyone can be the sharpest tool in the shed.