NPR Editor: "In D.C., where NPR is headquartered and many of us live, I found 87 registered Democrats working in editorial positions and zero Republicans. None."


Back in 2011, although NPR’s audience tilted a bit to the left, it still bore a resemblance to America at large. Twenty-six percent of listeners described themselves as conservative, 23 percent as middle of the road, and 37 percent as liberal.

By 2023, the picture was completely different: only 11 percent described themselves as very or somewhat conservative, 21 percent as middle of the road, and 67 percent of listeners said they were very or somewhat liberal. We weren’t just losing conservatives; we were also losing moderates and traditional liberals. . . .

. . . During a meeting with colleagues, I listened as one of NPR’s best and most fair-minded journalists said it was good we weren’t following the laptop story because it could help Trump.

When the essential facts of the Post’s reporting were confirmed and the emails verified independently about a year and a half later, we could have fessed up to our misjudgment. But, like Russia collusion, we didn’t make the hard choice of transparency. . . .

The lab leak theory came in for rough treatment almost immediately, dismissed as racist or a right-wing conspiracy theory. Anthony Fauci and former NIH head Francis Collins, representing the public health establishment, were its most notable critics. And that was enough for NPR. We became fervent members of Team Natural Origin, even declaring that the lab leak had been debunked by scientists.

But that wasn’t the case. . . .

Instead, we introduced our coverage of that development on February 28, 2023, by asserting confidently that “the scientific evidence overwhelmingly points to a natural origin for the virus.” . . .

In recent years I’ve struggled to answer that question. Concerned by the lack of viewpoint diversity, I looked at voter registration for our newsroom. In D.C., where NPR is headquartered and many of us live, I found 87 registered Democrats working in editorial positions and zero Republicans. None. . . .

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Ok. And?

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Just thought you’d want to know. (wink)


It’s your OP. You offered no commentary. What do you think?

I think the folks who solicited funds for them committed a blatant act of fraud.

Even if there is no plaintiff those individuals should

  • put on trial for fraud
  • sentenced to penalties of $364 million each and
  • NPR should be stricken from NY for three years.

Equal justice under law.


No surprises here. But it’s good to hear one of “them” admit it.


Doesn’t NPR get public money?


The depth of the commentary is mind boggling.


What made npr appealing to “conservatives” in the past?

What’s the fraud?

very few registered republicans in DC.

my they should import some so that they could use them as tokens.


So much for the Myth of NPR neutrality!!


very few registered republicans in DC.

id like to see the stats for the rest of the country

but of course they wont be forthcoming.


It’s the lib ■■■■ rag that we’ve all known it to be this whole time. Nothing but a propaganda outlet. :wink:


Look at them squirm and deflect to things like, “cOmmENtARy!!1!” :wink:


Of course. :roll_eyes:


Why would a republican work for Fake News?

What does party affiliation have to do with objective news reporting?

If Dems can’t do it, can republicans?


Paid for at least in part by our dollars by the way.


Who posted anything about commentary? Did I miss a post?